Episode 6 - The Finals

A different beast altogether. Both teams are one win away from becoming world champions. Our players will be just as nervous in their decision making when it comes to this stage. How is our betting affected by the pressure of a big tournament Final? Are we patriotic bettors or do we follow our head and let the odds, stats and facts rule our behaviour? Our teams have come so far in their journey with multiple ups and downs, now’s the time to put everything they’ve learned in to practice! Will they remember the expert opinions and help from their coaches, or ditch it all by going with their heart? The biggest match in football is definitely the best place to work it all out!

BET & BREAKFAST is a series where two teams go head-to-head in a betting road trip around Europe, where the outcome of their betting determines where they sleep, what they eat and how the travel. Guided by a superstar coach, our teams will navigate their betting with help along the way. Find out the psychological processes we go through when making decisions. What tips you can borrow when researching a bet. And how the game is never over when you spread your purse.

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