Episode 3 – Rivalries - Barcelona vs R. Madrid

The biggest club match in the world. El Clasico. With Barcelona having already won La Liga, how will their form be affected going in to this match where more than just points are won. Does a rivalry mean the form goes out the window? Do bettors always back their team or do they let their head rule their heart? Our teams are in the Spanish city to see firsthand just how arguably the biggest rivalry in football affects the teams, and affects their betting. Will they go with the experts’ opinions or follow their hearts in this battle of pride in Spain?

BET & BREAKFAST is a series where two teams go head-to-head in a betting road trip around Europe, where the outcome of their betting determines where they sleep, what they eat and how the travel. Guided by a superstar coach, our teams will navigate their betting with help along the way. Find out the psychological processes we go through when making decisions. What tips you can borrow when researching a bet. And how the game is never over when you spread your purse.

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