Episode 4 - Spain vs Portugal

Spain vs Portugal presents a rivalry between neighboring countries and some of the world’s best players. One of biggest games in the World Cup that has so much riding on it, how will our bettors be affected as the pressure is turned up high. In the Group Stage there are only three matches to play so every point counts. Does our betting change when there is only a finite number of matches to watch and bet on? Will the countries be conservative in their approach to the game to give them the best chance of progressing? Or will pride take over as these neighbors battle it out for bragging rights?

BET & BREAKFAST is a series where two teams go head-to-head in a betting road trip around Europe, where the outcome of their betting determines where they sleep, what they eat and how the travel. Guided by a superstar coach, our teams will navigate their betting with help along the way. Find out the psychological processes we go through when making decisions. What tips you can borrow when researching a bet. And how the game is never over when you spread your purse.

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