Episode 5 - Denmark vs France

This is an underdog story, can the Danes overcome the all-star cast of Les Bleus – the odds might say one thing, but culture and the media tell us another. We’ve seen underdogs surprise us in previous tournaments before, will the betting reflect the momentum? Having reached the big stage after going through the qualifiers, how will Denmark approach this game against some of the best players in the world? Our teams will have to bear everything in mind and consider all the help they’ve been given by the coaches and experts to place sensible bets on this match.

BET & BREAKFAST is a series where two teams go head-to-head in a betting road trip around Europe, where the outcome of their betting determines where they sleep, what they eat and how the travel. Guided by a superstar coach, our teams will navigate their betting with help along the way. Find out the psychological processes we go through when making decisions. What tips you can borrow when researching a bet. And how the game is never over when you spread your purse.

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