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If you are new to online betting and wish to learn more on how to place a sports bet, than you have landed in the right place!

In a simple definition, betting is when you try to predict the future result or an outcome of a specific event. Such events may be the total goals scored during a football match, results of a tennis game during an international tournament, the winner of a horse racing event and even specific bets happening during the game itself, such as the number of fouls during a match.

Anyone who manages to predict the outcome, wins! This is nowadays more commonly done through the use of betting sites or betting apps available on most devices.

Bet Calculator

Now you could also utilise Unibet's Bet Calculator, a free tool to help you calculate your stake and profit for every available bet on Unibet Sportsbook, allowing you to make an informed decision prior to placing any bet.


How to Bet - How to Get Started in Online Betting

  1. Register with your favourite online betting site.
  2. Visit the sports betting page and find your favourite sports event. Ideally you have background knowledge about the team or players participating in the event and of course about the sport itself.
  3. Review the available bets and betting odds well before placing a bet.
  4. Choose your bet and decide how much stake you wish to put on that particular event.
  5. Once you’re satisfied, submit your bet and keep up to date with what is happening in the game, to see if you win or not!

Unibet covers a range of sports and betting events, from the biggest football championships and national leagues in the world to horse racing events, motor sports, basketball leagues and tennis events. Unibet also offers the facility to players to bet before the match referred to as pre-match betting, and during the match referred to as live betting. All this with the very latest and most competitive betting odds. 

For anyone who has never placed a bet or is still a beginner, sports betting may be a little bit complex until you get the hang of it. In this section, Unibet provides a list of online betting guides consisting of a glossary of betting terms, betting tips, how to bet on football, golf betting guides, how to bet on horses and a range of other sports.

Immerse yourself and learn more about betting, how to gamble online and the different terminologies used. Read the online betting guides listed below and experience the thrill of sports betting with Unibet!

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