Accumulator Betting Guide

If you’re new to online sports betting then it’s understandable if some of the terminology sounds a little daunting. After all, entering a world of odds, in-play markets, starting prices and trixies is a bit strange if you haven’t encountered it before. Here at Unibet we’re dedicated to help you cut through the jargon – so this is why we’ve created the ultimate accumulator betting guide.

One of the most popular aspects of betting on sport is the accumulator, sometimes also known as a combination bet or acca. Bet accumulator experts spend hours sifting through the odds seeking the best sports bets to add to their slip – but you don’t actually have to do this to excel at online accumulator betting.

In this guide we will take you through what is an accumulator bet, what sports are best to use them on and how to place an accumulator bet. You’ll learn how do accumulator bets work and when the best time to make them is. Once you’ve finished reading this guide you should have a greater knowledge of sports betting, which can then be applied when you bet with confidence at Unibet!


What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is a combination of single bets into one big wager. Players place accumulator bets in order to increase their odds and maximise their winnings – and this happens because each individual selection relies on the others in order for the accumulator bet to win.

Online accumulator betting requires you to gather multiple single bets to add onto your bet slip. All those individual bets must win in order for your accumulator bet to win. If one fails, the entire bet loses. This may sound like risky businesses but it’s one of the best ways to maximise high payouts.

You might ask why people place accumulator bets? Well, imagine you are betting on tennis and five players at the Cincinnati Masters are all heavy favourites to win their matches. Betting on one of the players may earn you a win, but the rewards are unlikely to be very big. So, instead you combine five favourites together into one mega bet and, if they all win, your payout is much greater.


How to Place an Accumulator Bet?

Many people ask how to place an accumulator bet? Well, at Unibet it’s very easy to set your first one up. All you have to do is access the sportsbook and click on the odds of outcomes you think will happen across any of our sports betting markets. Those odds will be added to your bet slip. When you then click of other odds, those will appear on your bet slip too! Once you’ve made your selections, all you have to do is enter your stake in the bet slip, check the risk and potential payout, and click ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

Once you’ve placed your accumulator bet you can keep track of it in the Unibet sportsbook. And remember, all your selections must win in order for the accumulator bet to win and therefore pay out!


Accumulator Betting Tips

One of the biggest accumulator bet tips today is that your acca isn’t restricted to one sport. Some players think you can only make football accumulator bets – but this isn’t true. Unibet’s accumulator feature gives you the freedom to craft your own bets. For example, you could bet on England in the World Cup, a horse to win at Epsom, Los Angeles to clinch the NBA Championship and Australia to emerge victorious the Ashes, all in one acca!

Another great accumulator tip is to experiment. Remember, the bet slip will combine all those single selections for you and when you enter your stake, you’ll be able to see your potential winnings before placing your bet. So why not experiment with different combinations, enter an imaginary stake into the bet slip, and see what the odds are?

Across all sports the value of an accumulator bet is it gives you greater freedom to back the favourites. As we mentioned earlier in this guide, betting individually on five heavy favourites to win their matches in a tennis tournament won’t yield as big a profit as if you combine all five matches into one accumulator. Many experienced punters use accumulators to back the favourites in other sports like rugby, horse racing and particularly baseball.

Football Accumulator Betting Tips

Football accumulator bets are the most popular type of acca. That’s because there are hundreds of thousands of football odds available in the Unibet sportsbook every day. Top betting tips football accumulator experts like to suggest are bet small on big odds, back the home teams to win and don’t stretch the timeframe too long.

This last tip is particularly pertinent for football betting fans. Creating an accumulator that involves three games on a Saturday and one the following Wednesday means you could be waiting four days to see if your bet wins. That’s a long time to wait and means your funds are locked into the bet until then, so you can’t bet elsewhere in the meantime.

Another tip is the draw no bet accumulator, where you only bet on markets where your chosen team wins or loses. If it’s a draw, the selection will be dropped from your bet slip but won’t kill the entire accumulator!

Champions League Accumulator Betting Tips

When it comes to Champions League betting accumulator tips the most popular is to back the big boys in the group stage. The likes of Juve, Munich and Madrid usually win their groups and qualify for the last-16. So, backing the favourites to win their Champions League group and progress to the knockout stage is always a strong tip.

You can usually rely on certain teams to reach the quarter-finals too, so consider experimenting with the Champions League accumulator bets that focus on progress through the knockout stage.

Europa League Accumulator Betting Tips

The Europa League is less predictable than the Champions League but by no means less exciting! Indeed, a top Europa League tip is to back the ‘relegated’ Champions League teams to progress to the quarter-finals once they drop down each February.

Among the other popular Europa League accumulator betting tips are backing group leaders to win their fifth and sixth games of the group stage. By this time the superiority of each group has been established, so you can get a better idea of who to back!

Premier League Accumulator Betting Tips

The biggest football division on the planet is the Premier League. Every week thousands of fans place a Premier League accumulator bet and follow all the scores across the weekend. And one of the top Premier League accumulator betting tips is to back goals. The division produces on average around 2.5 goals per game, which means banking on three or four games over the weekend to produce goals is very possible.

Goals is what drives the Premier League and what creates major fluctuations in the live football betting odds. So next time you check out the Premier League odds, consider how many times each team is likely to score – you’d be surprised as how many it is!

Accumulator Sports Betting

Football isn’t the only sport for accumulator bets. Individual sports are perfect for this bet type because single players in the likes of tennis, snooker, darts and table tennis are a lot more predictable than team sports.

Meanwhile, race sports such as athletics, horse racing, swimming and rowing are ideal for accumulators too. This is because in many races, especially athletics and horse racing, the favourites have a short starting price – and so the only way to really boost your potential winnings without staking a big wager is to combine these favourites into one mega bet.

If you’re a fan of team sports then baseball and basketball are ideal for one-day accumulator bets. That’s because in both the MLB and NBA regular seasons there are multiple games taking place practically every day! This means you can easily track your single bets and keep apace with all the action while potentially earning a big payout by the end of the night.

Accumulator Betting with Unibet

Now you know a bit more about accumulator betting why not try it out yourself by joining Unibet today? Our sportsbook features quite literally thousands of odds and bet types every year, covering sports from football, horse racing and tennis to the Olympics, swimming and hurling.

The beauty of Unibet accumulators is you can combine single bets across multiple sports. That means you can deploy your expertise on, for example, football, hockey and rugby in one mega bet and potentially win big rewards.

At Unibet we want players to enjoy the best sports betting experience online and join the millions of fans who bet on sport each week. That’s why, if you have any questions about accumulators, you can ask the Unibet Community who are always on hand to offer advice and guidance. And be sure to check out the Unibet blog for the latest bet accumulator tips!

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