Bet Builder Betting Guide

Building Your Own Bets

Do you want to personalise your bet slip and crank up the fun with bets that are tailor-made for you? Well, welcome to the Unibet Bet Builder.

Now you can place football bets on the biggest events on the planet the way you want. Craft your own markets, combine winning formulas and maximise your odds with the bet builder. Back multiple outcomes in one go that won’t contradict each other and play with the markets to come to the right odds for you.

The Bet Builder is available on thousands of sporting events each year, covering everything from the Premier League, Serie A and World Cup football matches to FIFA eSports and women’s international tournaments. It’s perfect for fans who enjoy backing goalscorers, or thrive off yellow cards. It puts you in control of all the action so you can access the latest odds at your fingertips.

So if you love to bet on match winners, first goalscorers, HT results, total goals, cards and even player specials all in one go then the bet builder is your perfect football betting companion.


What is a Bet Builder?

If you’re new to sports betting then you might be asking what is a bet builder? Well, a bet builder is the perfect way to improve your knowledge of the odds and potentially win big rewards. A bet builder works by adding multiple picks from a game into one mega bet, and thus increasing the overall odds. Each time you click on a chosen market – such as a team to win, the correct score, or a player to score first – the bet builder will add that selection to your bet slip. The more markets you select, the bigger your bet slip becomes and the greater the odds.

Now, you might think this is very similar to a multiple or accumulator bet – and you would be right. The bet builder works on the same principle as accumulators, whereby the more selections you make, the bigger the overall odds get and so the larger your potential payout becomes. However, the big difference here is that the bet builder cuts out all contradictory markets.

This is one of the focal bet builder rules and is perfect for helping you make the right picks. For example, if you want to bet on Southampton to win a League Cup game against Preston AND the score to finish 0-0, the bet builder rules will not let you do this. Once you make one selection – let’s say you bet on the hosts to win – then the option to bet on a 1-1 correct score disappears.

This means you’ll never mistakenly make a contradictory bet, or build a mega accumulator only to find that it doesn’t work! The beauty of a bet builder is that it does the calculations for you instantly, so you know what markets are still feasible to bet on. You can also swiftly see your risk and potential payout before adding more selections to your bet slip.

Bet Builder Tips

Making the most of the bet builder is a great way to improve your betting experience and potentially win even bigger payouts. You don’t have to keep track of multiple single bets and you can keep an eye on all the outcomes under one bet slip.

One of the best bet builder tips is the rule of three: correct score, first goalscorer and total corners. This is a simple three-way bet that focuses on entertaining, attacking football and your picks play out in unison. For example, you might bet on Tottenham to score first in a 2-1 victory over Brighton, with four or more corners. The odds are far greater in the bet builder than if you put all three bets on the individual markets – and so your potential rewards are bigger!

The rule of three can be used on many other bet builder combinations and is a great starting point for new punters who want to better learn how sports betting works. Once you develop your knowledge you might then extend to six picks, or even up to a maximum of 12!

Meanwhile, many Premier League, Serie A and La Liga games will feature extensive player special bets that are perfect for the Unibet Bet Builder. Here, you could back one striker to score two goals, another to hit the crossbar and a third to be sent off. You’ve now built the bet you want, rather than have one created for you that might not be right.

If you’re unsure about adding big-odds picks to your bet builder slip then consider choosing a range of short-odds outcomes instead. Markets such as +0.5 total goals, +2.5 yellow cards and home wins for top-of-the-table teams are usually ‘safer’ bets. The odds will be smaller, but there is therefore less risk and more chance of them paying out.

It’s also worth remembering that the Bet Builder offers pre-match odds only. Once a game kicks off you can still access In Play football betting odds and even live stream certain matches. Tracking the live odds is a great way to follow all the action and keep on top of all your bets!

Whatever your tactics, remember to double check your bet slip before placing your bets and feel free to check out Unibet’s extensive stats bank and form guides to help you make those winning picks!

Customise Your Football Bets with Unibet Bet Builder

The Unibet Bet Builder is one of the fastest and most extensive of its kind anywhere online. It grants players access to fast odds and clear combinations. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on the Bet Builder rules and how to use it when checking out the latest football odds:

• Find your desired match in the sportsbook and click on the Bet Builder tab

• Begin to build your bet by clicking on the pre-match markets available

• You will notice the selections are added to your bet slip

• When you make a selection, all contradictory options will be blacked out

Keep adding selections until you’re happy with your bet and check the bet slip to calculate your odds

Enter your stake to assess your potential payout and remember you can make up to 12 picks on the Bet Builder

Click ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process!

Remember that the bet builder automatically blacks out incompatible bets when you make a selection, so you don’t have to! So, let’s say you want to bet on Middlesbrough vs Derby. You bet on the home side scoring first, a correct score at 2-1 and over 4.5 cards being shown. You’ll see in the bet slip that the odds have risen to account for all three bets, and when you enter your stake you’ll see your potential payout.

At this point it’s worth checking you’re happy with your selections before clicking ‘Place Bet’. Then sit back and enjoy the game! You may be able to live stream your chosen match via Unibet TV, or you could follow all the action with our In Play football odds, which are available for games across all the biggest leagues and international tournaments in the world.

Bet builder app

Fans of mobile sports betting can download Unibet Sports app today and get the bet builder app on their phone! It works exactly the same as the desktop site and calculates your odds just as quickly, so you can swiftly make the bets that matter most to you.

Get access to the best Bet Builder in just a few taps of your device and make those crucial picks while you’re out and about. Unibet Sports gives you the freedom and flexibility to place bets at a time that suits you, which means you can check out the latest bet builder tips for today while travelling on the bus, sitting in a cafe or even relaxing on the beach!

The great thing about Unibet Sports is you can easily access your full betting profile. That means you can withdraw and deposit funds, add payment methods, change your profile settings, enter sports betting tournaments and even live stream sport via your Apple or Android device. And of course, you can access the bet builder at any time!

So, whether you like to bet online or via the Unibet Sports app, the bet builder is the perfect companion for those who love to place multiple bets and chase big payouts from small stakes.

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