Betting on eSports: Dota 2

April 16, 2018

Not a single game has made more gamers millionaires than Dota 2, the game that has been developed by Valve, the same company behind the other successful game,  Counter-Strike Global Offensive . The prize pool of the biggest yearly event, The International, gets bigger by the year and has almost touched the 25 million dollar mark in 2017. As the prize pools and audiences for the bigger events increases, so does the popularity at the bookmakers with people loving to bet both prematch and in-play on the biggest events.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is, just like League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that is played by 2 teams consisting of 5 players. Every team picks their own characters and use teamwork to fight their way to the enemy base, where the goal is to destroy a large objective in the enemy base, which is called the ‘Ancient’. Once this objective has been destroyed, the team wins the game.

All playable characters are called ‘heroes’ and every hero has its own dedicated abilities, which means that some heroes will be played differently and used for different reasons as others. On the road to the enemy’s Ancient, heroes battle enemy heroes, structures and minions in order to get stronger and improve their abilities. Heroes earn gold by completing objectives and can use that gold to buy items to improve their stats.

Dota 2 also has multiple special features, such as a day/night system which has effect on heroes abilities and a buyback system which allows heroes to respawn immediately after dying, at a certain cost. Because of the wide range of features and heroes, Dota 2 is commonly seen as a very difficult game to master.

Dota 2 as a professional eSport

Despite Dota 2 being a relatively new eSport (it has only been released on July 2013) it is currently one of the most popular eSports and is commonly known for its bigger prize pools compared to other games. The top 10 tournaments ever in terms of prize pool consists almost completely out of Dota 2 tournaments with The International 2017 by far on top, with a 24.7 million dollar prize pool last year, with the biggest chunk going to Team Liquid, taking down the 10.8 million dollar for first place. On top of that, close to 50 players have become millionaires in terms of prize money.

Professional Dota 2 tournaments are organised throughout the year with The International in August as the biggest, most important event. China is commonly seen as the strongest country in Dota 2 with teams like Newbee, LGD, Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming, however a lot of European teams such as Team Liquid, Virtus Pro and Team Secret show significant strength on the highest level.

Betting on Dota 2 on Unibet

As Dota 2 became very popular over its short existence, so grew the popularity of the betting community on this specific eSport. Dota 2 has all the aspects that can make any game interesting to watch: it can be packed with action, but the tactical side of the game might be even more important. Analysis is key in the game, which attracts experienced betters as well who use their skill of analysing teams and an active game for the perfect prematch or in-play bet.

The outright betting markets are the most popular markets, although when the tournaments start, there is a lot of betting action around the specific games, both prematch and in-play. As most games are being played as best of 3 or best of 5, the handicap will often be offered as well.

During The International in August, you can expect a vast amount of different bets, both tournament, prematch and in-play bets such as Most picked/banned hero, longest/shortest map, total number of maps, first team to get a specific objective, and so on.

You can always expect from us to provide a wide offering of Dota 2 and other eSports betting markets, just as you would love it!

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