Boxing Betting Guide

Are you a betting fan who thirsts for action? If so, then boxing betting is the thing for you! The combat sport of boxing is considered the toughest sport there is, containing knockouts and blood with powerful and raw competition. Read this guide to boxing for beginners, where we’ll explain boxing rules and give you boxing betting tips so that you will be able to master this sport from outside of the ring.

Boxing Rules

As mentioned, boxing is a combat sport, where two people face each other in a fight in a boxing ring. By wearing protective gloves, the aim of the sport is for the fighters to beat their opponent within the strict rules of boxing. A boxing match consists of a maximum of 12 three-minute rounds, where two boxers face each other inside the boxing ring, accompanied by a judge. The contenders are divided into different boxing weight classes, where the most usual ones are featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight. In-between these, you’ll find another 12 boxing weight classes often starting with “Super” or “Light”. Both boxers have their own ring corner where they’ll get taken care of, and get some rest and advice from their coaches and staff in-between the rounds.

A boxing match can end in multiple ways. One of them is by knockout, which means that one of the boxers has been knocked down and is unable to continue the fight. To determine this, the judge will count to ten and the knocked down boxer must get up and show the judge that they’re able to continue within these seconds.

TKO is another outcome of a fight. TKO stands for Technical Knockout, which is ruled out by the judge, the ring corner or the fight physician when a boxer is unable to continue the fight. Examples of this is if a boxer is severely injured or if they’re incapable of defending themselves properly.

The ring corner can surrender on behalf of their boxer, by “throwing in the towel”. If none of the above outcomes happen in a boxing match, the fight then goes the distance, which means that all the rounds have been boxed and that it’s up to the judges to give scores to the two fighters. The one with the highest score will win the fight.

How to Bet on Boxing

Unibet offers a couple of interesting boxing bets for you to place so that you can witness the intense experience and action of real boxing. Let’s have a look at some of our best boxing betting tips.

Betting on match odds is by far the most popular bet type in boxing betting. Match odds works in the same way as when you bet on football, as there is an 1X2 betting model. You simply bet on the outcome of a boxing match – either that one of the boxers will win, or that the fight will end in a draw.

You will find another popular type of bet within the over/under betting model, where you can bet on the total rounds. If you, for example, bet on over 7.5 in the total number of rounds, you’ll win your bet if the boxing match lasts for at least 8 rounds.

To spice things up you can also bet on the winning method (such as KO, TKO etc.), round betting (which round will be the winning round) and for a boxing match to go the distance (two outcomes – Yes or No).

We also offer outright betting on boxing tournaments to our players where you, for example, can bet on the winner of World Boxing Super Series. This could be seen as a long-term bet, depending on when you place it, as you can follow the boxer you placed a bet on in multiple fights, in hopes that he will end up as the winner of a specific tournament.

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