Darts Betting in a Nutshell

Darts is one of those sports that many people try themselves first before betting on it. Not only is darts betting an exhilarating and popular form of sports betting, darts itself is possibly the most popular pub sport in all of UK. Although darts has been played in one form or another for centuries, as a professional sport it is still fairly young: the first professional organization, BDO, was founded in 1973, with the first World Championships played in 1978. Much like snooker, darts was popularised by TV and the ever-present live streams have made the sport accessible to everyone worldwide.

Darts Rules    

How to play darts is simple. Each of the players (or teams) take turns throwing 3 consecutive darts on a board. Each segment on the darts board has a point value to it – these range from 1 to 60. The outermost segments of the board (coloured in green or red) count as double the points for the segment. The inner circle of the same colours give triple the amount of points. A classic game of darts is a played down from 301 or 501 points. The first player/team to reach 0 wins the game. The last dart thrown must hit either a double or a bullseye.

A darts match is played over a number of sets, which differs between matches. In tournaments, the number of sets increases the further the tournament has progressed. Each set has a fixed number of games, known as legs. One set is usually played in a best of five scenario, though best of three is also used sometimes.

Although the rules of the game are simple, anyone who’s played darts, knows how devilishly hard it can be – so don’t let the darts superstars fool you when they throw those triple-20s! And on that subject, let’s look at the different ways of how to bet on these darts superstars on Unibet.

Darts Betting

Match betting is the staple of darts betting. In it, you bet on the winner of a specific match – simple as that. You can also put your money on the correct set score or the different legs of the match. For example, you can bet on whether there will be a 180 (the maximum number of points with three darts) in the first leg of the match.

One form of darts betting is the outright winner. In outright betting, you bet on the winner of a tournament – for example the winner of the World Championship. There are also player specific markets, like betting on whether Michael van Gerwen has a Nine Dart Finish in the tournament.

In darts, there’s plenty of over/under betting, like betting on the total number of sets in a game. Let’s say that a darts match is played to best of five sets. The minimum number of sets then is three and the maximum five. If you bet on “Over 4.5” total sets, you win if the match is played to five (or hypothetically more) sets. In other words, you win if the match ends 3-2 to one of the players. If the match ends in four or three sets, you lose your bet.

It’s also possible to bet with a set handicap. If, in a best of five set match, you bet on van Gerwen to win with a -2.5 handicap, it means that he must win the match 3-0 for you to get your money.

King of the Oche is another interesting bet type. In it, you bet on one of the players to be the match winner, have the highest checkout (final dart to end a leg) and the most 180s. Other kinds of bets include the number of 180s in a match, the amount of checkout points and more. As darts is an excellent TV and live stream sport, it’s good to keep darts live betting in mind. Unibet offers you a variety of darts betting in-play to make the sport even more exciting to watch! And don't forget Unibet is a key partner of darts, including exciting collaborations with the PDC

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