F1 Betting Guide

Formula 1, also known as F1, is more popular than ever when it comes to sports betting. This is due to the reason that Formula 1 betting offers a high entertainment value with a lot of attractive bets. Given the constant changes that takes place in Formula 1 from season to season, tension levels and adrenaline are always high. F1 is the motor sport where small and significant nuggets of information can determine the success of a bet. In this guide, we want to help you gain a better understanding of Formula 1 betting and how to bet on Formula 1.

What is Formula 1?

Formula 1 is a fast-paced motor sport with F1 cars that can reach speeds over 220 mph, depending on the race and track. A Formula 1 race consists of a varying number of laps around a paved track where all competitions are called Grand Prix (GP). The number of laps in the different races varies depending on the course, considering that a Formula 1 race is measured in miles and not in laps. Each Formula 1 race must be just over 189.5 miles long.

In Formula 1 betting you get new and meaningful information all the time. Each race is a world unto itself. Different race tracks place different requirements on the cars and their characteristics. For instance, the Monaco Grand Prix places high demands on the gearbox, as drivers change gears thousands of times during the race on the streets of the Principality. On certain tracks, the car's speed and power are the crucial factors, while on others aerodynamics and drivability are essential. The race car is simply everything within F1 and Formula 1 betting.

Bet types in F1 betting

When it comes to F1 betting, there are primarily three different bet types that stand out as the most common and most popular ones when betting on upcoming races and competitions. One of the three bet types is outright betting.

In outright betting you’re placing a bet on the winner of, for example, a specific Grand Prix race. You are offered varied odds for the different participating Formula 1 drivers, where you choose one of whom you think will win the specific race. To place the bet, simply click on the odds that we’re offering and then enter the desired amount of money you would like to place on the bet.

F1 betting on a finishing position is another popular type of bet that we offer our players. A bet on a finishing position is usually limited into a position in the top three (Podium). When you bet on Formula 1 and the finishing position, you simply choose the driver in the race that you think will end up in position 1-3. We give an example: Kimi Raikkonen has the odds of 20/1 to win a specific race, while the odds of Kimi Raikkonen ending up on the podium (1-3) are set at 2/1. As you can see, betting on finishing position is usually a safer bet if you know that a Formula 1 driver will be a gold contender, but are unsure if he can win the race.

The last form of betting that we want to mention when it comes to F1 betting is to bet on the winning team (Constructor Championships Winner). This is usually a season long bet where you place a bet on the most successful team. It kind of works in the same way as outright betting, with the difference that you’re betting on which team that has gathered the most points during a certain season. 

Live betting in Formula 1

Are you the kind of player who prefers live betting and to place a bet In-Play in the heat of the moment? If yes, Unibet offers live betting on Formula 1 for you to take part in.

When live betting, determination, prompt thinking and quick decisions are usually rewarded. In sports such as football, tennis or basketball, you’ll get on well with a wise, versatile and universal approach. However, when you place an In-Play bet on Formula 1, you must constantly make new decisions in complex situations. You must therefore always be one step ahead, when it comes to live betting on Formula 1.

Bet on the biggest Grand Prix races at Unibet with great odds. While the races are running, you can also check out our live betting section to place a bet In-Play to add even more excitement to the race.

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