FIFA eSports Betting Guide

Football fans around the world often ask ‘Can I bet on FIFA eSports’? It’s a reasonable question, considering FIFA is one of the biggest eSports on the planet. Millions of fans play FIFA online with their friends and other competitors every day. The very best compete in major tournaments and leagues, while many are now elite FIFA eSports professionals.

And you can now get the latest FIFA betting odds right here at Unibet! Our sportsbook offers the best odds on thousands of FIFA online games and competitions every year. You can follow your favourite eSports stars as they battle it out for major prizes in the digital world.

This guide will take you through the intricacies of FIFA betting and how to place your bets. You’ll learn about the biggest tournaments in the eSports world, how betting odds work, the best live FIFA bets and even how to live stream all the action.

Once you’ve read our handy guide, you’ll have more knowledge in your arsenal and can bet in the sportsbook with far greater confidence. So be sure to check out the latest FIFA odds today!


How to bet on FIFA

Betting on FIFA is not a new activity. For years fans and gamers have bet amongst themselves on who will win self-made competitions and leagues. Yet in recent times players have brought the fun of betting on computer games into the professional realm. Now, with full-time FIFA eSports pros competing in worldwide tournaments, the opportunity to bet on their games has never been easier.

What’s more, betting on FIFA is exactly the same as placing a bet on real-life sports such as football, tennis or NFL. The concept remains: place a bet on an outcome you think will happen. If that outcome occurs, you win your bet!

There are plenty of ways to bet on FIFA and other eSports. Here at Unibet you can access the full eSports odds range in the sportsbook section. When you access the FIFA list, you’ll see all the upcoming fixtures and tournaments available to bet on. Here you can browse through the games and find one you want to follow.

Once you’ve chosen your game, check out the odds that are available to bet on. These will range from straight-forward bets such as match result and correct score, to more interesting bet types like first goal scorer and both teams to score.

When you’ve chosen your bet, click on the odds and enter your stake in the bet slip. Double check your risk and potential payout before clicking ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

Example: You want to bet £5 on Dragonn to beat Gorilla at the FIFA eWorld Cup at odds of 2.10. Click on the match odds for a Dragonn win and enter your stake. The potential payout will read £10.50. Once you’ve placed the bet, simply sit back and enjoy the game. If Dragonn beats Gorilla you’ll win your bet!


Best FIFA Betting Markets

There are plenty of great eSports betting odds available in the Unibet sportsbook. And we know you’ll love our range of FIFA odds that you can access before and during big matches! Our odds are reactive to events on screen, so you can be sure to receive the best prices at the right time.

Below are some of the most popular FIFA odds and how they work:

  • Match bet — This is a straightforward bet where you back a team to win, lose or draw. It can often be shown as ‘1/2’ and is the most basic sports bet in the world. The match bet is a great market for newcomers to eSports betting.
  • Total goals — A more intricate bet than the match bet, total goals is where you bet on how many goals you think will be scored in the entire game. They will read something like this: +5.5. Here, if you bet over 5.5 goals and a sixth is scored, you win your bet.
  • Handicaps — The best way to bet on favourites and boost your odds at the same time. Handicaps create an imaginary weight to the final score, in order to even out the betting odds. If you bet on a team with a -1.5 goal handicap, for example, then they need to win by two goals or more for you to win your bet.
  • HT score — This bet type is perfect for fans who want a quicker bet done and dusted. With hall-time bets you simply bet on what you think the score will be at the break.
  • Tournament bets — We host numerous tournament bets on competitions such as the FIFA eWorld Cup. Here, you can bet on who you think will win competitions and even predict the finalists. These are great long-term bets for fans who enjoy being patient!

It’s important to note we ensure the best odds by feeding in thousands of data points into our sportsbook, which build a comprehensive database of which eSports pros you can expect to succeed on the big stage. So, when you check out the odds and notice one player is a heavy favourite over another, that’s because the stats back up the prices!

How to perfect FIFA Betting Tactics

If you’re new to FIFA eSports betting then be sure to check out the full sportsbook and take your time before choosing which match to follow. Many newcomers to sports and eSports betting make the mistake of jumping straight in with big bets. But there is a logic behind betting smart that can help you win big rewards!

Our top FIFA betting tactics are:

  • Take your time. Remember, you’re betting on eSports players and not their chosen football teams. All because one pro is playing with Liverpool and the other pro with Wigan, that doesn’t mean the Liverpool pro will definitely win!
  • Do your research. Unibet offer extensive FIFA stats that you can pour over before and during tournaments. Be sure to know which players stand a genuine chance of success by checking out their individual stats, as well as tournament facts and figures.
  • Bet low to begin with. This is a sensible betting tip whether you’re betting on eSports, casino, sport or poker. Betting low is the best way to learn the ropes without risking your whole budget.
  • Bet on the match, not the teams. If you can’t decide which team to back then why not place a bet on the overall match? Bet types such as total goals and total corners is a great way of betting without needing to support one side.

Best FIFA Live Betting Tips

Unibet offer live eSports betting on various games—including FIFA! If you’re betting on live FIFA then be sure to keep a close eye on the fluctuating odds. Here are some tips for newcomers to the world of FIFA betting:

  • Live stream if possible. If you find In Play eSports betting is for you then be sure to live stream events when available. This will help you gain greater knowledge of the action on screen and the betting odds.
  • Follow the live odds. If you want to see how reactive the odds are in eSports betting then follow a match and concentrate on the markets. When a goal is scored, often the odds will wildly fluctuate. This will help you learn how and when to place your own bets.
  • Be prepared to change your mind. Like all sports betting, it’s wise to have a cool head when live streaming and betting on FIFA. Often punters back the teams they want to win, rather than the teams they think will win. Use your head and don’t feel that changing your mind is a bad thing.
  • Keep an eye on the goals. Just like real-life football, FIFA is all about goals. The average goals scored in a Champions League match is 3.2, whereas the average goals scored in a FIFA eWorld Cup final is 3.8. Betting on goals is therefore worth considering.

How to bet on FIFA eWorld Cup

The FIFA eWorld Cup is the biggest football-based eSports tournament on the planet. It launched in 2004 in Switzerland and saw a Brazilian gamer beat his Serbia and Montenegrin rival 2-1 in the final to clinch the crown. Back then it was called the 'Interactive World Cup’ and used EA SPORTS’ FIFA 2005 on the Xbox as the base platform.

These days both Xbox and Playstation gamers can compete for the title and millions of players compete in qualifying rounds for the chance to reach the 32-player finals.

Betting on the FIFA eWorld Cup is a great way to follow all the action. You can access odds on every FIFA eWorld Cup group stage clash and knockout game all in one place. Our sportsbook features extensive odds that mirror the bet types available in real-life football betting.

Placing bets on FIFA eWorld Cup is just as easy as any other eSports bet. You can browse through the markets before selecting your odds, entering your stake in the bet slip and clicking ‘Place Bet’ to complete the process.

How FIFA eSports odds work

If you’re new to sports betting then you may be unfamiliar with how odds work. Don’t worry—they’re very easy to follow and quick to understand. There are three types of odds: fractional, decimal and American. Here’s how they work…

Fractional odds — You’ll see a fraction price for each outcome. For example 4/1. Here, to win £4 you need to bet £1. In total you will receive £5, which is your stake + winnings. Odds of 10/1 mean to win £10, you need to bet £1. If you’re struggling with the odds, you can always test your stake and potential payout in a bet slip.

Decimal odds — The decimal price shows how much you will earn if you bet £1 on an outcome. For example, 5.00 will earn you £5, which is your stake and your winnings. When the odds drop below 2.00 then you will earn less than your stake for a winning bet. For example, £1 on a winning bet of 1.86 will earn you £1.86.

American odds — These odds act like an index. Odds above zero stake the winnings for a £100 bet. For example, betting £1 on +4000 odds will earn you £40. Odds below zero are negative and your winnings will be less than your wager. For example, £1 on -400 will earn you £1.25.

Remember, you can always change the odds format in the sportsbook by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Your preferences will then be saved for the next time you log in to your profile.

FIFA eSports Betting App

If you want to bet on mobile and tablet wherever you are then be sure to download Unibet Sports app today! Our app is designed to work on Apple and Android products and means you can take eSports betting wherever you go. What’s more, you can live stream available eSports matches, such as FIFA and bet on the games In Play all via the app.

Time to Place your Bets!

Now you know more about betting on FIFA and the intricacies of eSports odds, it’s time to check out the latest markets in the sportsbook. Remember, you must sign up to Unibet or log into your current profile to place bets and live stream sports. We wish you the best of luck!

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