Golf Betting Guide

Golf, the slow-paced sport with a high intensity thrill, is very popular across the world. It has no age limit and everyone from young to old can play a round of golf. Playing golf is not the easiest thing and the rules may seem complex, but through this golf guide, you will learn the basic rules of golf. At the same time, you get some golf betting tips to deepen your knowledge and find the best way to bet on golf.

Rules of Golf

We all know how the game of golf is played. You need a golf ball and some golf clubs, a golf course containing a tee, a fairway, rough, bunkers, a putting green, a pin and a hole etc. You know the drill. Apart from this you should know the name of the different golf scores and what they mean.

The goal of golf is to sink the golf ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. A golf course contains 18 holes of different lengths. The length of the hole will determine its par. A hole’s par often ranges from 3 to 5, but in some cases, goes up to par-7. Depending on the par of the hole, the golf scores will differ from one hole to another.

A hole in one is the best golf score you can get, and it happens when a golfer sinks the golf ball in the hole in a single stroke. Below, we will list the rest of the golf scores. Bear in mind that they all differ, depending on the par of the hole:

  • Albatross – three strokes less than par
  • Eagle – two strokes less than par
  • Birdie – one stroke less than par
  • Par – equal number of strokes as the hole’s par value
  • Bogey – one stroke more than par
  • Double bogey – two strokes more than par
  • Triple bogey – three strokes more than par

As an example: Scoring par is when a golfer sinks the ball in the same number of strokes as the hole’s par value. Three strokes on a par-3 hole, four on a par-4, and five on a par-5 hole. It works in the same way for all the different golf scores. For a Birdie on a par-3 hole you need to sink the ball in with two strokes, three strokes on a par-4, and four strokes on a par-5 hole.

How to Bet on Golf

Golf betting offers hours and hours of skilful playing and lots of excitement. The most common types of golf betting are Tournament Bets, where you simply bet on the golfer you think will win a specific tournament. To the right, on where you place your stake, you will be offered Each Way betting (the E/W button). An Each Way bet in golf means that your bet will be divided into two parts – the winner and the place – and your stake will be doubled. In this way, you will place a safer bet when you’re unsure if the golfer you want to bet on will be capable of winning. If the golfer you’ve placed a bet on wins the whole tournament, you will win on both parts of the bet. If he doesn’t win it, you may win 1/4 of the odds on the “place” part of the bet, depending on which place he finishes in the tournament. Each Way in golf often ranges in a finishing position from 1 to 4 or 5.

Another popular type of golf betting, besides Tournament Bets, are Season Bets. Season Bets often include different types of bets, where you bet on golfers during a full season. Let’s take Rory McIlroy as an example, on whom you can place Season Bets such as “To win a Major”, “To have a Top 5 finish in a Major” or “To finish in Top 20 in all Four Majors”. Each of these bets have two outcomes, where you can bet on either “Yes” or “No”. You won’t find any easier type of betting than this.

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