How MotoGP betting works

MotoGP is the flagship series in the sport of motorbike racing — and it’s a sport that has a dedicated fanbase.

Fans of MotoGP are knowledgable and passionate. But they are also welcoming and eager to show newcomers to the sport why they love it so much.

MotoGP is a global phenomenon with its heartland in the European countries of Spain and Italy. This is where the biggest teams are based and the money is most lucrative.

Each season around 12 teams compete for the MotoGP world title, with around 24 riders heading out per race.

In this guide we will introduce you to how MotoGP works, how the seasons pan out and how to bet on MotoGP. Once you’ve read the guide you’ll have a greater knowledge of MotoGP and the intricacies of this magnificent sport.


What is MotoGP?

MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorbike racing. It is a global series that hosts 19 races in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Some of the biggest motorbike brands in the world compete in MotoGP, with Honda, Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki the dominant forces in the sport.

Each MotoGP season is broken down into a number of races, where riders race over qualifying and the Grand Prix itself to claim points on the overall riders’ championship leaderboard. The bikes can break the 200mph barrier when in full race mode, making this sport one of the fastest in the world.

Drivers qualify for the race and depending on their performance, that will be where they start on the grid. A MotoGP race will take place on a Sunday and lasts around 45 minutes, providing plenty of entertainment. Moto2 and Moto3 — the sister versions of MotoGP — also run on the same race day. Overtaking is encouraged but dangerous driving can get racers into trouble — after all, MotoGP is not the safest sport in the world!

When are MotoGP races?

MotoGP races take place on the Sunday of race weekends. Riders will first take to the track on Thursday or Friday to begin practice rounds. These are vital for the riders, who will need to know every bump and twist in the track to perfect their drives.

Saturday is reserved for qualifying and this is sometimes where races can be won and lost. A bad qualifying round can be disastrous to a team. And if you’re betting on MotoGP sometimes it is better to wait until qualifying finishes before backing a driver for the race win.

Who are the best MotoGP drivers?

The era of dominant MotoGP drivers is behind us — but the names of iconic riders remain in the minds of motorbike fans. Italy’s Giacomo Agostini is the most successful MotoGP rider of all time, with eight world titles to his name. Valentino Rossi boasts seven world titles and remains the flagbearer of the sport.

Spain’s Marc Marquez is seen as the man to take over Rossi’s mantle when the Italian retires. As of 2018 Marquez boasted five world titles, having claimed his first in 2013. Brits Mike Hailwood, John Surtees and Geoff Duke all claimed world titles in the 1950s and 1960s, while Eddie Lawson is America’s most successful MotoGP rider with four titles between 1984 and 1989.

How to bet on MotoGP

Betting on MotoGP can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the riders. But there are tactics and techniques some gamblers use to make sure they are in with a chance of nailing a big win. Here are some tips on how to bet on MotoGP…

Check the leaderboards

The first thing to do when betting on MotoGP is to know who is in form, and who isn’t. The best way to do this is check the MotoGP leaderboard. This will show you who is doing well in the championship and who isn’t. For example, if Marc Marquez is top of the leaderboard after eight races, you’re likely to see Marquez challenge for the next MotoGP chequered flag!

Look at the teams

The rules in MotoGP allow for teams to improve their bikes throughout the year and quite often there will be a disparity in how successful the individual teams are. So make sure you’re ready to back a team that has already enjoyed success this season.

Check out past years

It’s always worth seeing if any rider particularly enjoys themselves on the MotoGP circuit you’re about to bet on. If, for example, you’re betting on the Japanese MotoGP then Spanish riders have enjoyed a stellar decade racing at the Twin Ring Motegi. Riders like to race on tracks they know well and many riders will excel when they are confident on the circuit.

Watch the MotoGP odds

If you’re still unsure on who to bet on then the MotoGP betting odds are a great way to indicate which riders are likely to do well in the race.

Best MotoGP betting markets

Now you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to uncover which betting markets are best to use when betting on MotoGP…

Race winner

This is the most straightforward MotoGP bet you can make. In this market you’re simply betting on who you think will win the race. Quite often you will have an indication on who could win thanks to your research (see above). And the MotoGP betting odds will also help you make a decision. If a rider is 1.50 to win the Grand Prix, with the rest of the field 5.00 or greater, then it’s a big indication that the 1.50 rider is all set to claim victory. This may be because they enjoyed a perfect qualifying session and are starting the race from pole position.

Winning margin

A new bet type at Unibet has emerged when it comes to MotoGP betting. This is the winning margin, where you bet on the time difference between the winning rider and second place. This is a great bet type for fans who aren’t convinced they know who will win. if you think it’s going to be a close race then betting on the winning margin may be a smart idea. For example, you can bet on the margin being between 0 and 0.299 seconds. Or maybe between 0.300 and 1.199 seconds.

These are very fine margins indeed but that just highlights how fast those bikes really go!

Moto2 betting

Don’t simply restrict yourself to MotoGP betting. Moto2 is the next best thing and many top riders race in this event. Moto2 runs in between MotoGP races and there is always someone to keep an eye on. Make sure to use the same research methods we mentioned above when you bet on Moto2.

Moto3 betting

The difference between MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 is simply the engine capacity allowed in the bikes. Moto3 bikes have a lower engine capacity — but the competition is no less intense! Like Moto2 and MotoGP, make sure to read up on the best Moto3 riders before making a bet.

Season bets

You don’t always have to bet on a MotoGP race. Unibet offers season bets on MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, where you can bet on which riders you think will win their respective championships. The MotoGP title markets are very competitive at the start of the season and this is probably the best time to make these bets. By the summer there can often be only two or three riders remaining with a realistic chance of winning the championship. Sometimes the MotoGP season goes down to the last race, while in other years the championship can be over by late summer!

Other Motorsports Betting

MotoGP is not the only form of motorsport that you can bet on here at Unibet. We offer betting markets on a whole range of motorsports from across the world.

You can bet on F1 with Unibet on each race of the season, following the races live and In Play while also placing season-long bets. Some of the biggest names in motorsport race in F1 and the cars are seen as the pinnacle of motorsport engineering.

Nascar is also a massive motorsport that proves popular with fans in North America. Nascar drivers are fearless and determined to beat their rivals to the chequered flag, even if they risk serious injury. Nascar is effectively track racing around a large ring, where drivers must race for around three hours. It is a gruelling sport but exhilarating at the same time!

Speedway is effectively the motorbike version of Nascar. OK, that might be pushing it a little but Speedway is popular across the Americas and Europe. Speedway harnesses the best of drift racing to fire riders at break-neck speed around a dirt oval in a battle for the checkered flag.

And finally Supercars is a great sport to bet on, where you will see the very best road cars in the world competing on iconic tracks.

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