How to Bet on Tennis

March 16, 2018

Tennis is one of the most popular sports worldwide. People from all corners of the world love the adrenaline and excitement that a great tennis match creates. Like the sport itself, tennis betting is full of action and gives you opportunities to place different types of bets, including a wide range of in play bets, outrights and match bets - tennis betting has everything you could hope for! Read our guide on how to bet on tennis below and remember to check our tennis live streams on Unibet TV.

How Does Tennis Betting Work?

Unibet offers tennis betting in many different forms. You can bet on everything from the men’s ATP tour to the women’s WTA tour, as well as all the prestigious Grand Slam tournaments and much more. If tennis betting is completely new to you, it’s useful to check the world ranking first. Players get a certain amount of ranking points when they play and win in different tournaments – the bigger the tournament, the more points on offer. After you’ve familiarised yourself with the players, you can start focusing on other things, such as the surface that the games are played on. There are usually three different types of courts: clay courts, hard courts and grass courts. Some players might be stronger on some surfaces than others, which is worth keeping in mind when betting on tennis.

The Different Types of Tennis Betting

Outright betting is one of the most popular and exciting forms of tennis betting. In it, you bet on the player who is going to win a specific tournament, such as Wimbledon or US Open. As a long form bet you can put your money on one of the players and follow them closely throughout the tournament – this gives you someone to root for, if you don’t have a favourite already.

Match betting in tennis is very simple – you bet on which of the two players wins the match. In tennis, a match can’t end in a draw, so you only have to figure out which of the players will win the game.

Within a tennis match you can also bet on the games and sets. A tennis match consists of two to five sets, each of which have at least six games. One of the ways you can bet on sets and games is over/under. In over/under you bet on the number of, for example, games in a specific set. So, if you put your money on “Over 9.5” games in set 3, you win if there are 10 or more games in that set. It’s also possible to bet on the correct score of both games and sets, as well as whether deuces or tie-breaks happen.

Other popular form is tennis handicap betting. Handicaps can be played in both sets and games. In handicap betting, one of the players is given a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage that shows as plus or minus points given to them. You can bet on for example -1.5 game handicap for Andy Murray in a set against Novak Djokovic. You win, if Murray wins the set with at least two games.

Tennis is also the perfect sport for live betting. The in-play betting in tennis offers you odds on specific games, sets and points. Unibet’s Action Betting is often available in tennis live betting. Remember to also check out our tennis live streams, where you can find the top players and tournaments.

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