Master Horse Racing Betting with our Horse Racing Tips

Betting on horse racing is a complex task because it’s very different from betting on other sports. Do you belong to the crowd who poses the question of what horse racing is all about and how to bet on horse racing? Read this guide with horse racing tips to deepen your knowledge and to learn more about different types of horse racing, how to bet on horse racing and more.

What is horse racing?

The sport of horse racing is practiced in hundreds of countries around the globe. In horse racing, there’s a number of horses competing against each other in a galloping race. Jockeys ride on the horses' back around a grass or sand covered oval track.

Gallop is the fastest of the three most common gaits of a horse, where the other two are walk and trotting. When a horse gallops, it runs and can go very fast. Gallop speeds average around 25 to 30 mph but have been measured up to 55 mph.

Types of horse racing

Horse racing competitions can take place in two different forms - either with or without obstacles. The distances on the different tracks vary, where the most common distances without obstacles are 1200, 1600 or 2400 meters. The distances with obstacles, which usually go slower, tend to be between 2800-4500 meters long.

Before the race goes off, the horses with their jockeys are placed in a starting box and as soon as the gates of these starting boxes are opened, the race is running. Let’s move over to our horse racing tips with the different bet types we offer when you bet on horse racing.

How to bet on horse racing

The most common bet type that we offer in horse racing betting is ‘To win’. To win means that you simply bet on the outcome of a race, that is, which of the horses you think will win the race. You can choose to bet on one horse or several, to increase your chances of a potential win.

You will encounter the SP button in horse racing betting. Now, you may be asking yourself the question “what does SP mean in horse racing?”. SP stands for "Starting Price" and it’s the official starting odds for a horse.

Forecast is another popular type of betting, where you bet on a horse to finish in a specific position in the race. When betting on forecast at Unibet you usually try to pinpoint who will finish first and second in a specific race.

Each way bet

Once you have located an interesting bet, click on the odds and enter the amount of money you want to place on your bet. To the right of the field where you put your stake you can see the E/W button. E/W stands for Each Way, which means that the stake of your bet will be doubled. Half the bet becomes a bet for whom to win, while the other half of the bet becomes a forecast bet. An Each Way bet works much like handicap betting. If the horse wins the race, the player wins on both parts of the bet. If the horse you’ve placed a bet on fails to succeed in the race, you still have the opportunity to win on the forecast part of the bet, based on the number of participating horses. Pay-outs and odds when placing an Each Way bet may look like the following:

  • In races with 2-4 participants, the bet type will change to a ‘To win’ bet.
  • In races with 5-7 participants you will be awarded one quarter of the odds if the horse finishes in the top two.
  • In races with 8 or more participants, you will be awarded a fifth of the odds if the horse finishes in the top three.
  • In a handicap race with 12-15 participants, you will be awarded one quarter of the odds if the horse finishes in the top three.
  • In a handicap race with 16 or more participants, you will be awarded one quarter of the odds if the horse finishes in the top four.

Rule 4

Some of the types of horse racing bets may contain Rule 4 which you will notice if the text "Rule 4 may apply" shows. Rule 4 means that if one or more horses are excluded from the race, there will be reduced odds on the remaining horses in the race.

Horse racing betting is unique in many ways and in addition to Rule 4, there is an incredible amount of exciting stuff to learn to become an expert of horse racing betting. We hope you’ve learnt a lot and that you’ve enjoyed our best horse racing tips by reading this guide. In order to immerse yourself and learn more about the terms, expressions and bet types when it comes to horse racing betting, you can check out our horse racing glossary.

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