MMA for Beginners Guide

We have heard the question “what does MMA stand for?” multiple times. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which is an exciting and entertaining combat sport containing knockouts, locks and grappling. The situation in the Octagon, where the fights are set, can change at any moment. A single mistake and the fight is over. Thanks to the fast-paced and eventful fights, MMA betting has become extremely popular worldwide. This is the perfect guide on MMA for beginners, where we will give you the Mixed Martial Arts basics as well as an explanation on how to bet on MMA.

What is MMA?

MMA is a martial art where an MMA fight consists of a predetermined number of rounds. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the rounds are five minutes long and regular fights hold three rounds, whereas the title fights consist of five rounds. MMA rules can be a bit complex, especially when declaring the winners, which can be done in different ways. We will try to give you an easy explanation.

Knockout (KO) is one of the ways to win. This is when an MMA fighter is knocked out and is unable to continue the fight. Technical knockout (TKO) is when either the referee or the ring physician ends the MMA fight because they consider one of the MMA fighters to be unable to continue. An example of this is, if a fighter has been knocked out several times in a round or is bleeding severely. Another way is submission, which is when an MMA fighter himself signals with a tap out that he wants to end the fight. The ring corners are also able to end the fight on behalf of their fighter by ‘throwing in the towel’. Last, but not least, the outcome of an MMA fight can be decided by the judge’s decision, which occurs when the rounds and time have expired.

How to Bet on MMA

It's both fun and interesting to place a bet on an MMA fight ending in a spectacular knockout in the first round. Despite the fact that nice knockouts and quick solutions are usually appealing to the audience, the most common bet type within MMA betting is to place a bet on the winner. This is called match betting. In Match betting, you’re betting on one of the two MMA fighters you think will be victorious in the specific fight. For adventurous players that are looking for really high odds, there’s a possibility to bet on a draw in some occasions.

A bet on the number of rounds is also a popular choice when it comes to MMA betting. When betting on the number of rounds you will be offered a predetermined Over/Under line, where you will try to predict if an MMA fight will go over or under a certain number of rounds. As an example, if the line for number of rounds is set to 3.5, this means you will either bet that the fight will consist of at least four rounds (Over) or at most three rounds (Under).

Betting on round and method is another popular type of bet within MMA betting. In round and method, you simply bet on when and how you think the fight will end. An example of this could be KO in round 3, where your bet will be successful if the fight ends in a knockout in the same round that you predicted.

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