Rugby Betting Explained

March 16, 2018

Rugby is the second most popular sport in the UK, and one of the most popular sports worldwide. It’s played literally everywhere in the world, from the highlands of Scotland to the tropical island nations of Tonga and Samoa. Rugby is gathering a larger foothold in countries like USA and Japan, and competitions such as the Rugby World Cup and the Six Nations Cup are some of the most popular sporting events in the world – both by attendance and TV viewers. In this betting guide, you’ll learn more about what rugby betting has on offer.

Rugby Betting Odds for Dozens of Competitions

Unibet offers you betting odds for dozens of competitions. These include the most popular national and international leagues and cups in both rugby league and rugby union. You can bet easily on the Six Nations Tournament, the Rugby World Cup and the Rugby Championship. With so many competitions to choose from, you can always find something to bet on at Unibet. If rugby betting is still new to you, keep reading; we’ll tell you more about the different types of rugby betting that we have on offer.

Rugby Betting

As in most sports, match betting is one of the most popular forms of rugby betting. In match betting, your job is to bet on one of the teams to win the game. In the case of a draw, a “Dead Heat” rule is applied.

Handicap betting, or spread betting, is another important part of rugby betting. In handicap betting, one of the teams is a given a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage, with points being either given to them or taken away from them. Let’s look at an example: in a European Champions Cup game, Montpellier RC will host Glasgow Warriors. The French team are seen as a 13.5-point favourite in the match-up. You put your money on Glasgow with a +13.5 handicap: this means that they start the game with an extra 13.5 points. If Glasgow win the game or loses it with less than 13 points, you win your bet. If Montpellier win the game with 14 points or more, you lose your bet.

Over/under bets give you a number and a category, and you bet on whether this number is exceeded or not. So, let’s say that the cut-off point for the total number of points in a match is 41.5. If you bet over, you win if there are 42 points or over. If there’s 41 points or less, you lose.

Outrights give you the chance to bet on, for example, the winner of a tournament. Here is your chance to bet on the winner of the Rugby World Cup or Six Nations Championship. Outrights may be the right bet for you, especially, if you don’t have clear favourite in the competition. When betting on a tournament winner, you have a team to support and follow throughout their games.

Rugby is an exciting and explosive sport, which makes it perfect for watching on TV or live streams. It’s also the perfect sport for live betting. Live rugby betting on Unibet gives you multiple different markets to choose from. You can find over/under bets, handicap bets and basic 1X2 bets. There are also bets on the next try converted, next placekick converted and much, much more.

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