Wrestling: WWE Explained

WWE is the pinnacle of global wrestling with the very best in sports entertainment joining the ranks of the US-based franchise.

And while WWE is generally scripted in order to provide thrilling entertainment for fans inside stadiums and watching on TV, you can bet on all the action.

Story lines in WWE take major twists just as they do in other sport. And the brains behind the biggest rivalries in WWE history know how to keep fans at the edge of their seats.

WWE betting is big business and you can bet on wrestling here with Unibet. This guide will take you through the basics of WWE betting, as well as how WWE works in general. You will also discover which other forms of wrestling are available to be on!

Once you’ve read this guide you will have a greater understanding of how WWE betting works and which markets are most suited to your betting style.


What is WWE?

WWE is a franchise in the world of sports entertainment that focuses on wrestling. The glitz and glamour seen on screen is the product of hours of hard work from the wrestlers as they prepare to go at each other in the ring.

Wrestlers win matches by either pinning their opponents down to a count of three or forcing them to submit. However, some matches stipulate other rules of winning. These include the Royal Rumble, there the last wrestler remaining inside the ring wins, and a Tables, Ladders, Chairs match where the wrestler who climbs a ladder and grabs the belt hanging from the ceiling wins.

Wrestling can be a one-on-one battle, or various other combinations such as tag teams (two on each team) three-way, five on five and even 10 on 10. There are no strict rules to wrestling as the matches are created by the WWE writers, so there’s always something new to follow!

North America, Mexico and Japan are the biggest markets for professional wrestling — but fans across the world love to tune in and bet on the action. Indeed, WWE often stages events outside of the USA and Canada, heading to Europe and even Saudi Arabia to showcase their events.

How to bet on WWE

WWE keeps its story lines well guarded, so while there are a lot of predictions as to who will win certain matches, there can never be certainty until it’s happened. Many WWE matches are relatively even contests, with opponents facing each other with realistic chances of winning. So the odds on WWE wrestling are usually even too.

Here are the best markets to bet on WWE with…

Match win

This is the most straightforward bet in wrestling and the one most fans side with. The match bet is simply a bet on who you think will win the contest. In a one-on-one match this is very straightforward, as there are only two fighters. But in matches that involve multiple fighters, it can be tricky predicting the winner! The fighter with the shortest odds in the match bet market is the one who is most likely to win. To bet on them, simply click the odds and enter your stake in the pop-up window. You will see your potential payout and when you’re happy with the bet, click ‘Place bet’.

Remember, a fighter can win the match through a pin, submission, count out, knockout, disqualification or forfeit. There are also other strange ways of winning matches if the show’s producers make that decision.

  • Example: You bet £1 on Triple H at 2/1 to beat Brock Lesnar in a heavyweight contest. Triple H wins and you win £2 plus your stake!

Retain title

This is slightly different to a match bet as it takes into account the fact the fight could end without a winner. When there is a title on the line, the defending champion only needs to avoid losing in order to keep their belt. And sometimes matches can end in a disqualification, a count out, forfeit, draw or no contest. Equally, if there is a serious injury sustained during the match, it will be ended. Backing a wrestler to retain their title offers smaller odds than a match win. But it can still be useful — especially if the story line dictates discrepancies in the match.

Near fall

This is a market in which you can bet on a wrestler almost winning the match, but not quite. The most common way wrestlers in WWE win their matches is through a pin, also known as a fall. Here, the wrestler must pin their opponent to the mat, with both shoulders touching the mat. The referee will then start a count, slamming their hand on the mat. If the referee reaches three, the pinning wrestler wins. However, often the pinned fighter will avoid defeat at the last second by breaking out of the pin. This is called a ‘near fall’. You can bet on the first ‘near fall’ of a match with Unibet.

  • Example: You bet on Charlotte Flair to get a ‘near fall’ in a match against Asuka. If Flair pins Asuka for a two count and then it breaks, you win the bet!

Top Heel/Babyface etc

You an also bet on certain types of wrestler to win in WWE. This is particularly effective in big matches, such as the Royal Rumble. There are two ‘types’ of wrestler than some fighters fall into. The Heel is effectively a bad guy, someone who the crowd dislikes. They can often play the villain of the show. The Babyface is a good guy, someone who the crowd supports and cheers for. Some wrestlers, such as The Rock, were effectively Babyfaces for their entire career. Others, such as Triple H, have switched down the years.

In big events like the Royal Rumble, you can bet on the Top Babyface or Top Heel in the match. This means that you’re betting on one of a group of wrestlers to win the contest. Sometimes you can also bet on a group of wrestlers who don’t really sit in either camp.

Brand winner

Some of the biggest matches in WWE bring in wrestlers from their two brands: Smackdown and Raw. Usually these wrestlers don’t fight each other as they compete weekly in their own franchise. But during Pay Per View events such as Summer Slam and Wrestlemania, matches between Smackdown and Raw fighters emerge. And you can bet on which brand will win fights!

When are the biggest WWE events?

WWE has weekly shows of Raw and Smackdown that fans can watch on a regular basis. These shows are the bedrock of the franchise and generate plenty of attention. Raw takes place on Monday nights, while Smackdown has been played on various days throughout its history. As of fall 2019, Smackdown will be held on Friday nights.

The biggest WWE events are usually on Pay Per View television and take place on Sundays. Events such as Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, King of the Ring and TLC draw huge interest from around the world. These events are scheduled roughly once every four to six weeks, with Wrestlemania the biggest of them all.

Other WWE championships

There are more WWE championships other than just Smackdown and Raw. WWE created NXT in 2010 to use it as a development franchise for wrestlers who would then be promoted to Smackdown or Raw. But over the years NXT has become viewed as a viable franchise in itself. Many NXT stars now fight on a regular basis without the need of the ‘step up’ to the two major championships.

NXT UK has formed in recent years and provides a strong arm of WWE outside of North America. The brand tours the United Kingdom and is televised a few times a year. Meanwhile, WWE owns the 205 Live brand that focuses specifically on male wrestlers under the 205 pounds weight.

Bet on Wrestling

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