Austrian Grand Prix Betting: Lewis Hamilton v Sebastian Vettel odds

July 5, 2017

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel will go head to head once again at the Austrian Grand Prix after Vettel escaped punishment for his controversial driving two weeks ago.

Vettel was close to being expelled from this Grand Prix by the FIA. He hit Hamilton from behind in Azerbaijan and then ran into the side of the Mercedes driver.

Vettel finished fourth, a place ahead of Hamilton.

But F1's governing body decided against a one-race ban for Vettel.

It means the two drivers will face off in the Austrian Grand Prix and F1 betting fans are getting excited for what could be a dramatic race.

Bet on Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is 1.77 favourite to win the Austrian Grand Prix but even though he’s the fastest driver other factors will come into play this weekend. Hamilton won in Austria for the first time in his career last season, beating Max Verstappen into second place.

But a year on and Vettel has a vastly more competitive car and the Ferrari team will look to extend his lead in the championship — no matter how. Vettel’s antics last weekend showed he is willing to do anything to win the driver’s championship. And that means getting reckless at times.

Hamilton could be targeted during the race. If he ends up in another tussle with Vettel, either man could end up out of the race with damage to their cars.

That is a risk Vettel has already taken and got away with. But Hamilton has suffered the indignity of finishing behind the German after being targeted. Could he fight back? Mercedes will insist the best way to get back at Vettel will be to win the Austrian Grand Prix. But Hamilton’s pride may play a part on Sunday.


Bet on Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has not had a good time of late. He’s finished fourth in his last two Grands Prix, which has cut his lead at the top of the championship. Vettel’s superb early-season form has come to an end and he must now regroup with his mechanics and start the middle half of the campaign well.

After Austria the European races come thick and fast, with Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium and Italy Grands Prix lined up. This is a critically important period for Vettel and he is 3.25 to beat Hamilton and win the Austrian Grand Prix.

But can he do it? Since it’s return in 2014, Vettel has had a dismal time of it at the Austrian Grand Prix. He’s retied twice and finished fourth once. That’s not good. The circuit is very basic and has plenty of straights — something that benefits the Mercedes.

And that, in qualifying, could be the crucial factor in this race. Mercedes could easily get a one-two on the grid for Sunday’s race and lock out Vettel. Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas is 1.45 to get a podium place, and that is a better bet than Vettel winning.

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