Paul Nicholson: Take MVG to regain his crown as King of the Oche

April 19, 2021January 6th, 2022

Rob Cross v Gary Anderson 

If you had offered Rob Cross 5-points after 5 nights of action in this years Premier League, he would have taken it, especially considering the fixtures he started with. He will be extremely happy with the way things have transpired, and he is now in position to progress even further in the table if he can keep his sharpness. 

Gary has played reasonably well so far, but seeing that there are only 2-points separating the top 8 in the league, he will feel like now is the time to get serious. He could get sucked into an elimination battle if he isn’t careful and this match will be the ideal line in the sand if he is to challenge for a third title. 

I think the draw is likely considering the form, and you would fancy Gary to get more 180’s but Rob has been dipping his toes into that category a lot lately. So, with that in mind, I’d go for Rob and Gary to get more than 7 in the match. 



Michael Van Gerwen v Glen Durrant

I know a lot of people are going to see this as a one sided contest considering the struggles that Glen has felt in the defence of his title, but to get on that stage and continue to fight the way he has, Glen is winning more respect and fans by the day. Darts isn’t just sunshine and roses, it can be torment and mental anguish. I have been there myself, and the bright side is that every game he plays, he may find a clearer path to correcting what has been going wrong. 

Right now however, you do feel MVG will be too strong. It’s easy to go for King of the oche here for Michael, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, but there are other opportunities. Maybe look at the margin of victory, the 180 betting or indeed the high finish odds. 

I do think King of the oche is possible, as much as I don’t want to write that against Glen, but surely the most 180’s for Michael is a sure thing. 


Nathan Aspinall v Peter Wright (Night 6)

In this campaign so far, Aspinall has done it again. He has been the ultimate grinder who takes the intensity level up a notch when he is on that stage. This is why you can never right him off and it’s precisely why he is so watchable. He will eye this first night of block two and want to get straight back on the bandwagon of point gathering, but it won’t be easy against a Wright who is in position to strike.

Only leg difference separate the two in the league, and with Wright still tweaking kit and finding comfort with some old favourites, he “should” be able to attain a higher level of play, but it’s still makes me think whether he will. Like Peter has always said, it’s which Peter decides to turn up that night. 

This is a tough one to call, but my instinct is that Wright picks up a victory. Interestingly, it is 14/1 for Nathan to hit a 170 finish. He is more likely to leave one and hit one than any person in this field, so that is a good little side option.