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Constitution Hill

AFTER the disaster of last week, I thought it might be a good time to issue a short update on the likes of Constitution Hill and a few others.

We’ve retested Constitution Hill every Monday since that disastrous gallop at Kempton, but what started as horrendously bad, I am pleased to report that he has improved and improved and the results are very much going to the place we want them to be.

He resumed normal training this week, but everything has been very gentle, like all the team including Shishkin, Sir Gino and Jonbon. They are all on light exercise and having a ‘de-stress’ week. We won’t start pushing any buttons until the middle of next week at the earliest.

We know the problem has been across the board but I should point out that Constitution Hill’s issue is completely unconnected to the others which is bizarre, albeit coincidental.

Unfortunately, Constitution Hill has not much chance at all making Aintree, but if we can get him to Punchestown we will, otherwise he will go straight to the Fighting Fifth at the start of next season.

We will be doing our best to get him to Ireland, but if he’s not right, he won’t be going anywhere. It’s a shame for every single one of us, but, obviously, he must come first.

We will still hopefully have a nice team going to Aintree, where Jonbon, Shishkin, Luccia and Sir Gino could head up the squad. There are races for them so we’ll see how everything goes.

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