Jack Fincham: “This headlines game will really shake things up and I can’t wait to see it!”

July 22, 2019

RIGHT, so we had Greg join the villa, another luck of the Irish turned up! Do you know what? I really love the Irish. They’ve got such a good sense of humour and I knew him and Maura would bond straight away. Their bond is there, so I think they’ll be really good mates.

Obviously, he went on a date with Amber. To be fair, I think Greg and Amber have a genuine connection and I think they’re quite a good match when I watched the date. Straight away, Michael suddenly ‘realises’ he likes her again. Without a doubt, it just seemed like he was doing it to stay on the show. I think there’s a possibility that that was the reason, because it just came across like “Oh, she’s got a date? Ah, I like her again now”

It clearly didn’t work because he was booted out! But I thought he liked Joanna, if I’m going to be honest. Even on Aftersun last night, they were on it together and it looked like they could get back together. So well-done, Michael.

Then Jordan asked Anna to be his girlfriend. I like them two, hopefully it works out for them afterwards. Another little Love Island Couple there, J and A – I like it a lot. I’m also REALLY liking Maura and Curtis together as well! At the start I wasn’t sure and was thinking “How are these two going to get together?” but now, it does seem proper genuine. Maura goes all giddy when she’s with Curtis and it’s really nice to see. I like Maura too. I love her energy, I think she’s really good for the villa and she’s fun and really cracks me up, I just love her ‘little voice’. It’s nice to see them two and it definitely seems 100% genuine.

Finally, my man OVIE! Ovie, Ovie, Ovie! I love Ovie, I love his hats, I love his dress sense, he’s literally the coolest guy EVER. I’m glad he’s found someone because everyone loves him, and everyone wants him to be happy, so, I think I’m speaking for England when I say, “we want Ovie to be happy!”

I’m really excited to see how this last week pans out on the show. They’re playing the headlines game tonight. Now, I’m telling you, I’m talking from experience having sat there and all and let me just tell you, that headline game PROPER shakes things up!  Everyone starts thinking “OMG, what sort of things could be outside” “Am I even liked?”. and especially with the couples together, if somethings mentioned about them, they start thinking “Oh, is it this the person I actually think I like?”.

This headlines game will really shake things up and I can’t wait to see it!

Favourite Islander? Ovie, no doubt !

Ovie to be top male contestant – 7/2