Lin Dan Betting Preview

August 1, 2016

Considered by many the best singles badminton player the game has ever seen, the Chinese player become the first champion to defend his title and gold medal. He beat Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei in an unforgettable London 2012 final. Lin Dan then denied rumours he was set to retire and confirmed he’s still hungry for more and will go for a third straight gold in Rio.

Betting on Lin Dan

Lin Dan has five world championship gold medals and has been dominating the sport of badminton since he started competing in the Asian Junior Championships. Even with his eventful career and his dominance of the game, he is the second favourite to take the gold medal yet again. Lin Dan has odds that are currently at 9/4, not too far from the favourite Chong Wei Lee with odds currently at 2/1. Lin Dan has everything to play for and will be looking to finish his career on the best note possible and breaking a record in the process – three consecutive gold medals in the games.

2016 was a good year for Lin Dan as he beat the world number one Chou Tien-Chen to be crowned champion for the seventh time in the men's singles title at the German Open.

Betting on Badminton can only be bet on outrights, i.e. choosing a player to win the tournament or for a player to finish in the top three places. With so much to play for and so much determination to win his third gold medal, it’s worth placing a bet on the six time All England champion, as a quick £10 bet will potentially yield £32.50. 

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