Multipliers in Casino Slots

As we continue our quest to simplify casino slot terminology, we come to the question of multipliers. In truth, this is elementary jargon busting because the clue is in the title. A multiplier will literally multiply your wins and provide you with a generous boost to your bankroll.

Of course, certain circumstances need to apply here and, while it’s possible for multipliers to land during a base game, the majority will fall into place during a bonus feature. The key is knowing where to look in each individual case so let’s start by listing the various types of multipliers that can apply when you play online casino.


Base Play Multipliers

Typically, a multiplier will double or treble your returns but in some cases, they can be far more generous. It’s rarer to see them appear in any base game but multipliers aren’t always exclusive to bonus rounds. When a multiplier is in play during the opening rounds of any casino slot, it’s likely to be relatively small in comparison to the potential that we find elsewhere.

A x2 multiplier or a x3 is, therefore, about as high as we can expect during the initial spins. As mentioned, they are exceptionally rare in this part of a slot game, but their presence certainly picks up as we move forwards.

Free Spins Multipliers

The majority of video slots offer a free spins round, and this is triggered when a certain number of scatter symbols spin into view. There may be a set number of multipliers in play during the round or, in certain instances, it’s possible that you have a choice.

For example, before the free spins round gets underway, certain slot games ask players to make a choice and that choice relates to the number of available spins in relation to the multiplier in question.

Perhaps you may be asked to select the lower multiplier of x2 but to balance this out, a high figure of 20 free spins will be awarded. At the other end of the scale, perhaps you’ll be able to select a higher multiplier of 7x or maybe more, but the free spins are reduced to 5.

Our theoretical example above is backed up by some real cases where slots offer a mix of spins and multipliers. Alternatively, there are games where the machine picks the award for you from a range of options.

A perfect example of this phenomenon comes with a slot called the Big Easy which was produced by IGT in 2016. The game’s logo is the scatter in this case and a free spins round will initiate when at least three of those symbols fall into view. Players then get a set amount combined with multipliers and those choices depend on the exact amount of scatters that land. It’s best described in the following table.

Three Scatters - Possible Bonus Options

  • 8 Free Spins with a 2x multiplier
  • 10 Free Spins with a 3x multiplier
  • 15 Free Spins with a 4x multiplier

Four Scatters - Possible Bonus Options

  • 16 Free Spins with a 5x Multiplier
  • 18 Free Spins with a 6x Multiplier
  • 20 Free Spins with a 10x Multiplier

Five Scatters - Possible Bonus Options

  • 22 Free Spins with a 7x Multiplier
  • 24 Free Spins with a 8x Multiplier
  • 25 Free Spins with a 10x Multiplier

As we can see, it’s all starting to get a little complicated but it’s worth bearing with the mechanics of The Big Easy and similar slots as there are some serious multipliers up for grabs. We’ve now hit double figures with 10x wins available so this is a game that provides top value for the lucky players who manage to land them.

Coming back to the more common case of multipliers in free spins, we present the entertaining Jack Hammer 2 Fishy Business. In this game, there is a free spins bonus and it comes with a fixed x2 multiplier. It’s a popular slot and a good example but there are many more that employ the simpler free spins multiplier system.

A doubled win in the free spins section is common and Jack Hammer 2 is a popular option but other titles can be more generous. Look out for Excalibur which will treble any wins whenever the free spins round is set in motion.

Scattered Multipliers

If you’re not already familiar with scatter symbols, then we suggest that you take a read of our full guide. In essence these are special icons that will lead to a bonus round and they are called scatters as they don’t need to appear in order, along a payline. As long as the minimum number of scatters spin into view, the bonus round will activate.

In some isolated cases, scatters can also come with a multiplier. Typically, this might activate if the player doesn’t see enough scatter symbols to trigger that bonus round. You won’t get free spins or pick games if just one scatter image lands but, as a consolation prize, a small selection of slot games will see a small multiplier added to any winning combinations.

Multipliers and Wilds

Wild symbols are at the heart of all good slot games and once again, we have published a full guide as to how wild symbols work. In short, the role of a wild is to replace other symbols on the reels and to look for a winning combination whenever possible. The exception to that rule will generally involve scatters and other bonus symbols which are needed to activate the game’s special features.

In some slot machine games, the wild will also carry a multiplier so, when a matching combination does form, it’s likely to be doubled or even trebled.

An example of a wild appearing and multiplying wins comes with Mega Moolah from the slot developers at Microgaming. Released back in 2006, this is a popular title for many reasons but the clue lies in the name. Mega Moolah offers a range of big cash wins including no fewer than four progressive jackpots and those sums are seriously worth aiming for.

For those that aren’t lucky enough to walk away with a jackpot prize, Mega Moolah can be a frequent payer and those wins are helped by the Lion which is the Wild symbol. Every time the Lion lands on the reels, it will look to substitute for other symbols and make a winning combo if possible and, any wins that do come in will be multiplied x2.

That’s a fairly standard sum for any game that features a multiplier but things can be even more rewarding if we look at other games. In the classic Arthurian slot game known as Excalibur which we mentioned in the previous section, there are two wild symbols. The standard Sword will double any wins but when the Golden Sword drops in, the multiplier rises up to an impressive x4.

In other games, wilds can operate differently when the free spins round or other bonus features come into play. An example of this comes in a slot machine known as Cherry Blossoms which was produced by NetxGen and released onto the reels in 2012. In this game which adopts an oriental theme there is a Geisha Wild symbol which acts as a standard wild in the base game. However, in the free spins section, any standard wins are trebled but if the Geisha symbol is part of any of those matching combos, cash returns will lift to a mighty x6.

It certainly helps to find a game like Excalibur where those multipliers are plentiful but, how do you spot other slot games that we haven’t mentioned in this round up? It’s important to have a clue as to how a game works before you start spinning with real stakes and the good news is that help is on hand.

How to Identify Games with Multipliers

So how do you know whether or not a specific slot game has a multiplier and if it has, how will it operate? Every slot machine title comes equipped with a pay table which not only outlines the potential wins that are involved, it will also explain how the game works.

If there are any multipliers in play, it will explain what’s on offer and the sections of the game in which they operate. This will be a condensed version but you can also check to see if Unibet have reviewed the game in finer detail.

The final option is to take the slot for a few trial spins. All of our slot games can be played as free demo versions with no cash at stake and this can be the perfect way to become fully versed with the gameplay for you take to the reels for the paid option.

As we’ve seen, when a multiplier lands, it will boost your bankroll and in some cases, the increase can be very significant. It’s one extra way to give value to your slot machine play so look out for multipliers as you continue your journey towards becoming a true casino guru.

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