Become the hero of the clouds with Cloud Quest

The sky is the limit with online slot Cloud Quest. This game after all takes you on a beautiful trip full of magic and adventure. This casino slot ignores the traditional symbols such as 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols, to bring you its own specially designed symbols for the game including potions, wands, spell books, magic stones, warriors and sorcerers.

What this game does differently compared to most other slot games is the fact that it manages to combine and blend successfully RPG elements into this play experience. You could easily be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that this is just another video slot with a fancy skin but Cloud Quest goes a step further allowing you to defeat enemies during the free spins round.

Free Spins in Cloud Quest

Unlock the free spins round by combining three or more scatter symbols in one spin. During this special round you will be faced by three different challengers who you defeat by getting winning combinations on the reels. The more winning combinations you get the better your odds are at victory. Each challenge will grant you experience and items which can be used in future duels.

Wild Symbol in Cloud Quest

Everyone loves wild symbols as they replace any other symbols to help you create a winning payline but in Cloud Quest, wild symbols go that extra mile. Every time you get a winning combination, the symbols in that combination will disappear leaving only the one in the middle. This will in turn transform itself into a golden wild that can be used with any other symbol on that spin.

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