New study: The Revenant film and Native American casinos

2016 will see the acclaimed film The Revenant hoping to collect a plethora of film awards (and might perhaps finally get Leonardo DiCaprio his coveted Oscar). The story, which follows famed fur trapper Hugh Glass in the wilds of North America, is a classic survival tale, which also takes a look at the indigenous groups invested in areas like the Louisiana Purchase territory in the nineteenth century.  

Indigenous groups 

One of these groups were the Arikara tribe, whose indigenous lands in the forests of South Dakota and Montana are where the film was set. While we all know what happened to the European settlers in the Americas, what happened to this exploited tribe after the story ends?   

The Arikara now form one of the federally recognized 'Three Affiliated Tribes' in North Dakota, and currently live in the Fort Berthold Reservation. They, like many other Native American tribes, have gone into the gaming industry and founded the 4 Bears Casino in New Town, ND. To date there are 326 Indian reservations with 566 federally recognized tribes. 

Casinos have played an important part in enabling tribes to get an income. When their reservations lie in certain states, they are able to take advantage of tax breaks in order to maximise their profits. Unibet have done a study to coincide with The Revenant’s Oscars presence, looking at the Native American gaming industry, and its unusual place in the US economy. Take a look at the infographic below. 

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