Best bets for Euro Football 2016

With summer fast approaching and the kick-off date getting nearer, we’re busy preparing and warming up with an in-depth look at our most popular bets for Euro Football 2016. Betting on football is always a thrill, but betting on Euro Football 2016 can deliver a heavier adrenaline punch, as all the action is crammed into a month of top flight football. 

Most Popular Bets Explained

If you’re new to sports betting, this comprehensive betting guide will give you an overview of the bets that are out there, as well as the confidence needed to place the desired bets. Euro Football 2016 promises to deliver many goals, so betting on goals in certain matches might be a smart option. The following is a list of the most popular bets for Euro Football 2016.

Match Result – Betting on any outcome of the game. Betting on the home team to win, betting on the draw or betting on the away team to win. 

Both Teams to Score – Both teams need to score for the bet to be successful.

Double Chance – This means that out of three outcomes, Win, Draw or Lose, you’re allowed to pick two outcomes, giving you a much higher chance of winning the bet. For instance, if you place a double chance bet on France against Romania in favour of France, France must win or draw the game and you’re a winner!

Asian Handicap – Asian handicap betting can be very profitable but it requires matches to be chosen wisely. The standard handicap bet means that a team must beat another team with a difference of two goals or more, depending on the bet. In a match handicap setting, a hypothetical score-line is assigned to the match. For example, if you bet on ‘France starts 0-1’ handicap against Romania, it simply means that France need to win the game with a difference of two goals.

Half Time/Full Time – You are guaranteed to find great odds on this betting option. The bet will be displayed as ‘Home/Home, Home/Draw, Draw/Away’ etc. and will signify how the halves need to finish for a winning bet. In the case of ‘Home/Home’, the home team will need to finish both halves winning while the ‘Home/Draw’ will result in the home team winning in the first half and the away team equalizing in the second.

Outright BettingOutright betting involves placing a bet on a team to win the Euro Football 2016. 

What is under/over 2.5 goals?

Bet on over 2.5 goals with Unibet this Euros 2016

This betting option relates solely to goals scored during the match and will surely to be one of the most popular bets of Euro Football 2016. When you place a bet on over 2.5 goals, the game must finish with a total of 3 or more goals scored, for the bet to be successful. On the other hand, if you bet on under 2.5 goals, a maximum of two goals can be scored for the bet to be a winner. A goalless draw also qualifies for a successful bet. The under/over 2.5 market is great if you’re a neutral, as regardless who scores, the bet still stands!

This is one of the most popular bets and a big favourite among our players. The same rules apply for under/over 3.5 goals.

Euro Football 2016 promises to be all the more exciting with the new 24 team format. Expect more clashes, more goals and more drama when betting on Euro Football 2016!

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