Euro Football 2016 Tournament Bets

Betting on Euro Football 2016 will add to the unbeatable excitement that a major international tournament brings. Even the air feels special during this period. To prepare you for the 51 games that await the Euro Football 2016 this summer, we’re covering the ins and outs of betting on Euro Football 2016.

Euro Football 2016 Betting Explained

There can never be the perfect football betting guide, however, research, patience and discipline are mandatory for placing successful bets on Euro Football 2016. The early opportunities lie in the group stages, where you can choose to bet on teams to make it through to the next round.

It’s important to think outside the box when placing a bet on Euro Football 2016. For instance, Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are going through impressive forms this season and with England finishing with a goal difference of +28 in the qualifiers, betting on scorers and team goals are opportunities worth considering when betting on Euro Football 2016.

Top Goal Scorer for Euro Football 2016

Match Betting with Unibet this Euros 2016

This is where serious research comes in. Betting on top scorer for Euro Football 2016 requires some league analysis and the following points should be addressed when placing a bet on top scorer of the tournament or their respective group:

  • Goals scored in the previous season
  • Performance on International duty
  • Team goals scored in the game
  • Quality of players supplying the striker with opportunities
  • Level of experience in International tournaments

What is an Accumulator Bet?

Accumulators happen when choosing two or more bets in one bet slip. Accumulators are simply odds of different matches multiplied by each other to give you the accumulated odds. For instance, France to beat Romania is at 1.40 and England to beat Russia has odds of 2.25, resulting in an accumulator of 3.15.

It’s vital that you don’t get distracted by the great odds of accumulators. All major tournaments have had their fair share of disappointments, where top contenders were stunned and left with little hope. With this in mind, choosing fewer accumulator bets will be a smarter option when betting on Euro Football 2016. 

Tournament Bets for Euro Football 2016

With so many bets to choose from, Euro Football 2016 will never have a dull moment! Whether you’re deciding the fate of a particular team, or choosing the top assist, we’re offering you great odds on all tournament bets for Euro Football 2016. Feeling a little more daring? Choose to bet on which team to score most goals in Euro Football 2016 for a selection of great odds on all teams!

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