Can Cristiano Ronaldo guide his team to a quarter final spot?

It’s hard to capture what Ronaldo has done for the world of football in words. He’s contributed so much to the game and will definitely go down as one of the best footballers the world has ever seen, if not the best. Cristiano is a goal scoring machine, an athlete, who has been dominating the scene from his early days at Manchester United. He was nominated for the Ballon d’Or, the most prestigious personal award in football at the tender age of 22 and successfully winning it a year later. He’s been instrumental to the Portuguese success and we’re looking forward to what he’ll bring this summer at Euro Football 2016.

What Ronaldo has done for Portugal

Ronaldo is the Portuguese all-time top scorer with 49 goals. He achieved this spectacular feat in 110 games for his country and record breaking seems to come natural to him. "I do not look to beat records. This happens naturally, with a lot of effort, dedication, with the excellent national team we have, a good coach. I knew that sooner or later it was going to happen."

Cristiano’s most prolific performance for his country came against Sweden in 2013, where he singlehandedly secured Portugal a world championship spot by scoring three important goals. It goes to show that when it matters, Cristiano will deliver. Will Portugal need Ronaldo’s saving grace this Euro Football 2016?

Ronaldo’s Capabilities

Apart from getting his name on the scoresheet in almost every game he plays, he understands the game far better than any of his teammates. His vision and ability to spot opportunities out of nothing is what makes him a superstar on the field. Ronaldo is simply a player who can’t be trusted anywhere on the pitch, having the ability to dribble past opponents with ease and bury long range shots. He mastered a free kick technique which sends chills down any goalkeepers back when they see him approach the spot. But his greatest asset is his own presence when he’s playing. Apart from being a morale booster for the team, opponents tend to double mark Ronaldo whenever possible, creating gaps and space on other areas of the pitch.

Wherever Cristiano Ronaldo plays and however he’s used, he’s always going to be a major threat to his opponents. Portugal face Austria, Hungary and Iceland in a battle for Group F. Between the Portuguese’s side’s quality and the winning mentality Ronaldo brings to the team, there’s a very good chance that they secure a quarter final spot. 

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