Can Wales beat England in this rare encounter?

The stage is set for the age old rivalry to finally settle the speculation for Euro Football 2016. Do wales have what it takes to beat their British rivals England in a clash that will go down in history? The British teams have faced each other 101 times before, where England won 66, 21 games ended in a draw and Wales won 14.  

A closer look at Wales

Wales are not in their greatest form as they head into Euro Football 2016, winning just one game their last 5 from all competitions. Chris Coleman, the Wales manager will have to make some serious tactical changes to even have a chance of stopping the Lions.

Gareth Bale can cause havoc for England down their left wing. His excessive pace and understanding of the game will put England in uncomfortable situations as he uses the width of the pitch to his advantage. He scored seven goals in the qualifying campaign and his winning mentality can take Wales past the group stages. "If you don't score goals you don't win games and thankfully we've got a world-beater," says Coleman, the Wales manager.

The quality of the overall Welsh side is significantly lower than their British counterparts. Wales have many players who play in lower divisions across the UK while England filter through the best players from the top 4 of the Premier League.

The Welsh defence will need to find a way to stop England’s speed demons who demoralized the Germans in Berlin.

England, the favourites to win the encounter

England have proved to be unstoppable in the group stages of Euro Football 2016. The Lions won all their 10 games, scored 31 goals, conceded only 3 and had the highest goal difference from all the teams.

Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy are deadly upfront. The experienced Rooney has been playing a more central role with Manchester United, intelligently supplying passes to the strikers and helping out in defence. Coleman, the Wales manager will need to find a way to stop the runs of Raheem Sterling and Dele Alli as we’ve seen the dangers that these players can cause to any team, including the world Champions.

There is no doubt that the Welsh side will have to get everything tactically right for them to stand a chance against in form England. And even if they do, some players will bring pure magic and are capable of inventing a goal out of nothing. 

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