Which team will score most goals in Euro Football 2016?

Goals is what football is all about! The fans demand that the game is entertaining and this summer, we should be in for a treat. Last European Championship, a total of 76 goals were scored, but with the new 24 team structure in place, it’s bound to be more this summer. More goals, more celebrations, more entertainment!

Highest Scoring Teams

There’s no denying it. Some teams are better than others and have immense offensive power. Less experienced teams will need to find ways of not losing the battle in midfield, as this can be a point of no return. Let’s take a closer look at the contenders.


In Euro 2012, Spain demonstrated one of their best performances in European football. La Furia, as they’re known, destroyed all opposition in their way, scoring a whopping 12 goals in the process and conceding only one in their group stage encounter against the Italians. They faced each other again in the final, where the Italians were humiliated in a four nil defeat. The Spanish have a reputation of scoring many goals and their world class players ensure it stays that way. And they make it look so easy! In the qualifying stages, they scored an impressive 23 goals. Spain have great odds on finishing with the most scored goals at Euro Football 2016.


France are hosting Euro Football 2016 this summer and will definitely be looking to make an impact in front of their cheering fans. Les Bleus have an incredibly strong squad and have powerful scoring potential with first class finishers Giroud & Griezmann. Paul Pogba will surely take the lead in midfield and has proved to be a menace to defenders. He’s an all-round player, being capable of whizzing past defenders with ease, hammering home powerful shots and perfectly curling the ball in the top corner. He’s got to be one of France’s valuable assets on the pitch. France are favourites in finishing with the most goals scored this summer. But will the Benzema ban have an effect on the teams form and results?


When we speak of the German international team, goals, domination and success come to mind. In the qualification round, the Germans scored a staggering 24 goals. They play very intelligently, playing each pass to perfection. The Germans have the perfect playmaker, Mesut Ozil, who always finishes as the top assist provider, both at club and international level. The four time World Champions are strong in all areas, but their midfield and forward power is second to none. In Euro 2012, the Germans finished with a tally of 10 goals, 2 goals shy of Spain, who won the tournament in style. Germany are second favourties to finish as the highest scoring team.   

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