Who will score the fastest goal in Euro Football 2016?

This is a tricky one. With the increase in the number of teams in this summer’s European Championship, more variables will come into play as we search for the team who will potentially score the fastest goal of Euro Football 2016.

A closer look at historical data

The fastest goal scored in Euro 2012 came in the 3rd minute (2:14), when Petr Jiráček of Czech Republic received an excellent through pass, played right through the Greek defence and buried it in the bottom corner. It proved to be costly to Greece, as Czech Republic won the game with two goals to one. The fastest goal scored in Euro 2008 came in the 4th minute and was scored by Modric against Austria. Can we see an even faster goal happening this summer?

Factors that make up a fast goal

Football is unpredictable. We can very easily discuss advanced tactics and styles of play, but a simple ball played into the box can create havoc and an awkward misstep can give away a cheeky penalty. It’s happened before and it’s something to consider. However, a weak defence facing tough opposition increases the chances of breaking this year’s record. It’s important to note the style of play, team work, strikers’ domestic league (as some play a faster game), quality of players and whether a team depends on certain players to score goals. For instance, Sweden rely heavily on the PSG frontman to inflict damage up front, making it less likely for an early goal. With defenders closing down on him early and with double markings, it will be much harder for him to find the space needed.

Keep in mind that these analyzations do not factor in the magic that a player can create singlehandedly. That’s the beauty of football!

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