Why England can make it to the final

England are in great form. They cruised through qualification for Euro Football 2016 without losing a point and they managed to sink the world champions in a friendly in Berlin, in what was an amazing display of the beautiful game. Do England have what it takes to make it to the final? It all boils down to six matches. If the three lions can keep up their outstanding form through Euro Football 2016, they’ll be top contenders of reaching the final in France this summer.

England’s Attacking Power

England found the net 31 times during their 10 game qualification stages for Euro Football 2016, averaging three goals per game. They were the highest scoring team and the team which conceded the least, along with Spain. It would make sense to bet on over 2.5 goals when the lions play, as their foot is still firmly placed on the pedal.

England are dangerous from all areas of the pitch, however, Roy Hodgson’s speed demons are the ones defenders should be wary about. Tottenham’s Dele Alli can cause havoc for any defenders, as his pace is unparalleled and enjoys using the width of the pitch to expose the defensive line. Couple England’s speed with Jamie Vardy’s sharpness and Harry Kane’s hunger for goals and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable goal scoring machine. The attacking force have proved that they’ve gelled together nicely over time and hopefully we’ll witness an outstanding performance by the three lions in Euro Football 2016.

England’s Midfield and Defence

There’s no point in having a powerful attacking force if the guys behind them don’t match their power. While the legendary midfield era of Lampard and Gerrard is over, the three lions are still packing a heavy punch in midfield, with the likes of Eric Dier, Adam Lallana and Dele Alli.

Danny Rose made his debut against Germany and proved to be a great option for Hodgson down the left back. But qualifying stages are very different to the final stages of the tournament, and Hodgson must get the defensive tactics perfectly to deal with different styles of football played by world class players. Every team has a star player which is capable of creating something magical and it’s the midfield and defenders job to close down early on these dangerous players and not allow them any space.

England have proved to be one of the most dangerous teams of Euro Football 2016, and if they can continue to improve and keep up their form, they should be top favourites of reaching the final this summer. 

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