Safer Gambling

We care about our players and want to make sure that your time spent with us is fun and sustainable. We do this by:

  • Giving you access to safer gambling tools to help you manage how you play.
  • Developing behaviour monitoring tools to help you play responsibly.

As part of our commitment to safer gambling, we aim to make zero revenue from harmful gambling.

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Keep it fun

Be proactive and try to stay aware of your habits. We have handy tracking tools available to help playing responsibly become second nature.

Test your player profile

Answer these nine questions and find out if you may need help keeping your betting fun.

Take the test

Switch on Reality Check

These notifications pop up regularly with details on how long you’ve been playing, and how much you’ve won, lost and wagered in that time. You can choose whether they appear every 30, 60 or 90 mins.

Go to Reality Check settings

Feel safe with our behaviour monitoring tool

We’ll help you keep your activity on a fun level by letting you know of any major changes in your behaviour, such as betting more than usual or spending more time online.

Find out how

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Stay in control

Only spend the time and money you can afford, with a Deposit Limit or Product Block.

Deposit Limit

Control how much money you can deposit over a period of 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. Once you’ve hit your limit, you won’t be able to spend any more money until it resets.

Set deposit limit

Loss Limit

This lets you control the net amount of money you can lose on a particular product over a day, week or month. Once you’ve hit your limit, you won’t be able to play on that product again until your limit resets.

How it works:

If you set a loss limit of £100 per week on Casino, and then lose £100, you won’t be able to play on Casino again until the week is up. We take into account wins, so if you lose £50 and then win £50, you’ll still have a total of £100 to lose before being limited.

Setting this limit can help you to stop chasing your losses.

Go to Loss Limit settings

Product Block

Love placing the occasional sports bet, but can’t resist the poker tables? You can block access to a certain product for 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

Block a product

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Take a break

If betting is having a negative impact and the limits you’ve set yourself aren’t doing enough to control your play, you can block access to your account for as long as you feel necessary.

Time Out

This option is ideal if you want a short-term break up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Once you’ve confirmed your break, you will be logged out of your account and blocked until the end of the break period. Once the break is over your account will automatically reactivate and you will not be notified.

Go to Time Out settings


Need a longer break? You can block access to your account for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years. Once you’ve confirmed your break, you will be logged out of your account and blocked until the end of the break period. You will then need to call us to reactivate your account.

Go to Self-Exclusion settings

Self-Exclusion with GAMSTOP

For a more complete break from gambling, we recommend self-exclusion with GAMSTOP. This blocks you from accessing or creating an account with all UK gambling operators for 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. We won’t notify you when your exclusion period comes to an end, you’ll have to call our customer service team for a quick chat before we can reactivate your account.

Self-exclude with GAMSTOP


If you do decide to take a break, we also recommend you install software to block betting sites:


The Gamban anti-gambling software blocks all gambling sites and apps on all your devices. A simple installation will help ensure a hassle-free break from gambling.

Block gambling sites with Gamban


As well as blocking yourself from gambling websites there are also some banks which can freeze or block your gambling transactions.

Block/freeze gambling transactions

Some banks in the UK allow customers to block gambling transactions on their bank accounts or credit cards and other offer card freeze features providing customers more support in this area.

For a full list of financial service organisations in the UK that currently offer gambling blocks on debit cards visit


We also recommend limiting your exposure to gambling advertising on social media.

Limit gambling advertisements online

BeGamble Aware is working with social media platforms to offer users tools to help them to avoid gambling advertisements when online.

Follow the link below for the latest information on how to limit gambling ads on your social media channels.

Limit gambling ads online

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Get help and support

Our customer support agents are always here to help with any questions or worries you may have. Talk to us by visiting the “Safer Gambling” section in the Help Centre. We can also assist you with setting limits or using any of our tools.

If you or someone you know may be affected by problem gambling, we also recommend visiting the following trusted sites for support.


               UK Time to think RG page


GamCare operate the National Gambling Helpline and offer confidential information, advice, and support for anyone affected by problem gambling in the UK. The helpline is open 24 hours every day on 0808 8020 133 or via live chat. Gamcare also offers a moderated online forum and daily online group chatrooms to enable those affected by gambling to connect with others in a similar situation.

Visit GamCare


BeGambleAware provides free, confidential help by phone or online. Learn about how gambling works, check if you or someone you know may have a problem and find tips on how to stay in control.

Visit BeGambleAware

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is a free global service providing practical advice and emotional support in multiple languages to anyone negatively affected by problem gambling.

Visit Gambling Therapy

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is a group of people who help each other overcome their gambling problems with a 12-step recovery program. They hold regular meetings across the UK and Ireland.

Visit Gamblers Anonymous


AnonyMind is an independent mental health, addiction and gambling disorder treatment specialist and one of the few treatment providers approved by the UK Gambling Commission, therefore all assessment and Treatment provided by AnonyMind is free, secure and confidential.

Visit AnonyMind

Take Time To Think

Get acquainted with our range of ways to help you limit your gambling and keep it fun. Before your next bet - and any bet you place - take time to think.

Visit Take Time to Think is an online platform for people with gambling problems and their relatives. You can share experiences and find the support you need to help you stay in control. It's available 24/7 in the mobile app and on desktop.


Stay alert of your gambling behaviour and get practical tools and advice if you need help with your gambling.

Underage Gambling

To diminish the chance of underage gambling, we ask for identification and documentation if we suspect a customer is under 18.

Although we dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensure there are no minors playing, we feel this prevention works best as a shared responsibility between us and the minor’s parents/guardians.

If you are worried that someone underage is using our site, please contact us via the Help Centre and we’ll take the necessary steps. You can also use an internet filter to reduce the chance of underage gambling in your home.

Net Nanny

The best parental control and web filtering software. Block apps, filter websites, and gain complete visibility and control over your child's online activity.

Visit Net Nanny