Account safety

A good way to protect yourself from having your account exploited is to not share it with anyone. No matter how well you know someone, or how genuine they sound, once you’ve passed your details on you’ve lost control of your account.

Avoid sharing personal information

Chatting with fellow Casino players can add to the enjoyment of games but be sure to never share personal or login details.

Take extra care when using your Unibet account in public places or on a shared computer. If you're planning to use an internet cafe or an airport terminal desktop, be cautious as these computers may not offer the same protection as you have at home, and when you finish playing always ensure you log out.

Phishing emails

Fraudsters sometimes try to create emails that look like a genuine Unibet email, designed to trick you into providing your account details. They often:

•  Use urgent language

• Offer something which is too good to be true
•  Read badly and are filled with grammatical errors
•  Link to a non-Unibet domain

Always check the website link name and if you're not sure you can trust the link, don't risk clicking on it.

Spoof websites

A spoof website is designed to trick you into believing it's the genuine site you intended to visit and trust with your valuable account info. Phishing emails often link to these sites but they can also appear in search engine results, often with typos in the URL name.

A quick check of the URL should let you know if the link is going to the site you want to go to. Better still, you can save Unibet to your browser bookmarks for quick and easy access.