Protecting yourself

You should treat your Unibet account with the same confidentiality as you would your social security number, passport or house keys.

To help you keep your account safe, we've put together a simple guide on how to best protect yourself online.

Use different login details for different sites

Using different usernames and passwords for different online sites, especially important sites which hold financial or personal information, will mean that cyber criminals will not be able to access all of your accounts if your login details are stolen.

Having a strong password that can't be easily guessed is also recommened. Including a combination of numbers, special characters and upper case letters in your passwords is a useful way of making it hard for anyone to compromise your logins.

Be wary of links provided in email and messages

If you see a link in a suspicious looking email message, don't click on it. You can generally spot suspicious emails by:

•    Alarmist messages and threats of account closures
•    Deals that sound too good to be true
•    Bad grammar and typos

Instead, type out the address in your web browser to see if you're going to the actual company’s site.

Mobile phone and tablet security recommendations

Make sure you lock your device with a PIN or password to ensure your data and apps remain safe if you misplace your device.

Logging into an unsecure WiFi network may be tempting when on the move but be aware that if it's easy to access by you, then it's also easy to access by hackers.

Manufacturers usually release patch updates to fix software flaws and to ensure you enjoy a safe gaming experience. Regularly check you have the latest version of your device system and update your apps in order to have the best protection against unwanted computer infections.