Free Bet

This bonus is found in the My Bonus Offers tab in Sports, not in the bonus section of your account. You don’t have to opt-in or accept the bonus, but the offer will display as an option in your bet slip if it’s valid for a bet you are placing.

How the bonus works:

  • Select the bonus offer in your bet slip
  • Your bet will be placed for free
  • Potential payout is shown in your bet slip (you don’t get stake amount back)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a Sports bet?

Select the sport that you want to bet on and you’ll see a range of possible bets. By clicking on the odds you can add an event to your bet slip. If you want to create a combination bet, simply click...

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How do I find the outcome of my bet?

Click ‘My Bets’ under ‘Gaming Activity’ in My Account, and you’ll be taken to your Betting History. Here you can view the results of all your past bets. Those still awaiting a result will be marked ‘...

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