Setting a Deposit Limit

Within the ‘My account’ section go to ‘Deposit limit’ and you’ll be able to choose to set a one day, seven day or 30 day limit. You’ll then get an email stating your new deposit limit details.

Changing your deposit limit

You won't be able to deposit more than the limit you’ve set, but you can change your limit.

When you want to decrease your limit, it takes effect immediately. When you want to increase your limit the change will be made after 7 days. This gives you a chance to think about your decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove my deposit limit?

Yes you can. When you remove your deposit limit, it takes 7 days for the change to take effect.

I’ve changed my deposit limit, why does it still show the same amount?

The change you’ve made is an increase and it will take 7 days until the change is effective.