Help us to protect your account

What we need from you
In order to protect your account from online identity theft, it helps to have a little more information on where the funds you deposit come from. We may ask you to fill in a quick questionnaire, where you simply select any sources of income you have. This questionnaire will appear on your verification page.

We’ll then verify the information you give us, and this is usually completed without you needing to do anything. We’ll send you an email while this is happening.

If we’re not able to verify your information automatically, we’ll then ask you to provide a supporting document. What we need will depend on your circumstances, but could for example be a bank statement, tax return or payslip. You can upload the document securely on your verification page.

Alternatively, you can use DirectID to share your bank statement without the need to upload documents. It’s a fast and secure way to verify your financial information. To find out more about how to use DirectID, look for the ‘Bank Statement via DirectID’ option on the verification page.

Why we ask for this
Every few years, European law evolves to stay effective against online crime. The latest ‘European Anti-Money Laundering Directive’ has introduced new measures that requires all licensed gambling operators to verify certain financial information once a customer reaches a certain play threshold. Read more about the directive here

We fully support the directive’s aim to protect players’ accounts and the money they hold. If we ask you to fill in the questionnaire or upload documents, you’re not being singled out or suspected of anything – you’ve just triggered an automatic process.

The benefits for you
We take player safety very seriously and both the IGA and EGR have recognised us as a Socially Responsible Operator. By helping us out, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are playing with an operator that is abiding by the rules – and these rules create a secure gaming environment for you and all our players.

How we value your privacy
We understand that you may have concerns about providing us with personal documents. Please be reassured that we respect your privacy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, treat any information you send us as highly confidential. We receive your documents via secure end-to-end transfer and they are handled according to regulation guidelines.


What happens if I don’t provide a supporting document?

If we don’t receive the required document, unfortunately we may have to freeze your account. If this happens, you won’t be able to deposit, withdraw or play, but you can still access the document...

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How long will the process take?

Once you’ve sent us the document, we should be able to verify it within 3-5 days. During this time, you’ll still be able to deposit, withdraw, and play as normal.

Is it a one-off request, or may I be asked to send further documents in the future?

You’ll only have to do this once, unless there are significant changes to your circumstances or play.

How will I know when my document is verified?

We’ll send you an email once your document has been verified and the process is complete.