Bingo Glossary

75 Ball

One of the most popular forms of bingo, this type comes with 5x5 tickets, where there are prizes on lines 1-4 and the full house.

75 Ball Variant

A variation of the regular 75 Ball, where you buy strips of three 5x5 tickets.

90 Ball

Most popular in Northern Europe, the game is played with 9x3 tickets, each with 15 numbers on them. Prizes are awarded on lines 1 and 2, and on the full house.


On the rare occasions when a player doesn’t follow chat rules, that player may be banned in order to keep the chat atmosphere positive.


Some games have special features, such as Buy One Get One Free. This offer isn’t always 1 for 1, it can also be 3 for 2, or 2 for 1.


Short for ‘Be Right Back’, this is a common chat term meaning that you’ll return shortly.

Chat Game (CG)

Fun games organised by the chat moderators. They’re played in the chat window and players can win vouchers.

Chat Moderator (CM)

A person responsible for running chat games and making sure that the chat is a pleasant environment for everyone.

Escalator Jackpot

A jackpot that gets easier to win over time, as the ball-call requirement increases between rounds. Once hit, this type of jackpot becomes inactive until it’s reset.

Fixed Jackpot

This type of jackpot is always available to win, and each room has a fixed amount that is paid out every time the jackpot is hit.

Free Space

The pre-daubed field in the centre of 75 Ball tickets.

Free Spins

Free spins are a type of bonus that involves free rounds on certain casino games. These can be awarded through the Loyalty Wheel, or through promotions.

Full House

This is the main prize in all Bingo games, achieved when all numbers on the ticket have been daubed.


Short for ‘good game’, this is a term used to congratulate a player on a win.


Short for ‘good luck’, this is a term used to wish other players luck.


Short for ‘have fun’, this is a term used to spread positivity.


If a player gets a full house within a certain predetermined number of ball calls, they can win a jackpot. Sometimes the jackpot is ‘Progressive’, which allows it to grow until it’s hit.


These are what you need to win. Generally only horizontal lines, although in 75 Ball the first line can also be vertical or diagonal.

Loyalty Level

This is a measure of a player’s loyalty. The more you play, the higher your Loyalty Level. The higher your level, the greater your rewards on the Loyalty Wheel.

Loyalty Wheel

Every time you reach a new Loyalty Level you get to spin the Loyalty Wheel. Each spin guarantees a prize.

Lucky ball/number

When you create a Bingo profile, you select a lucky number. This is used in various promotions, and can help you win extra rewards!

Mixed Bag

Some game types will have mixed prizes, so the person who gets one line can get the prize that's usually reserved for a full house, and vice versa.

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that grows with each game it’s not hit.


Unibet Bingo generates balls using a Random Number Generator. This automated process ensures that numbers are not preselected and are completely random.

Speed Bingo

A game type where balls are drawn faster than normal, to make things a little more exciting.


This is what you purchase to take part in a game. Sold individually or in strips of three, they come in 5x5 or 3x9 sizes, depending on the type of game you're playing.


The bonus currency of Bingo, vouchers are given via the Loyalty Wheel, through promotions, or in other ways. They usually come with an associated wagering requirement.

XTG (1/2/3 To Go)

Some games have a special feature where players who were close to winning the full house (1, 2, or 3 numbers away) will get a prize depending on how close they were.