Bingo Loyalty

We want to reward you for playing Bingo with us, so we’ve created a loyalty programme that guarantees exciting prizes for all players! The more games you play and the more you interact with other Bingo features and players, the bigger your rewards.

How it works

Our loyalty programme is level-based. That means you will start on ‘Level 1’ and climb through the levels by playing Bingo and topping up your Loyalty Meter. The higher your level, the more valuable your prizes.

To complete a level, fill up your Loyalty Meter by buying Bingo tickets and playing the side games. Spins and tickets bought will fill up your meter visually as you play. Visiting the Bingo page, being active in the chat, winning on your lucky number, and other secret actions also contribute to your Loyalty Meter!

Completing a level

Every time your Loyalty Meter fills and you complete a level, you will be granted a spin on the Loyalty Wheel! Each spin guarantees a win, but luck decides the size of your prize.

If you hit an arrow on the outer wheel you progress to the inner wheel and even bigger rewards. Hitting another arrow then means you win the jackpot cash prize for the level you are on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specific loyalty rewards?

You can win a variety of prizes on the Loyalty Wheel – cash, mini game free spins, vouchers and the cash jackpot. During special promotions we’ll add even bigger prizes into the mix - like electronic...

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How do I find out my current loyalty level?

Visit any Bingo room to view your current level and how close you are to your next ‘spin and win’.

What is a Bingo voucher?

A voucher is a type of bonus that can be used to play Bingo and/or mini games. Vouchers can be restricted by room, game type, card price, and specific Bingo/mini games. Bingo vouchers can be granted...

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