Poker Challenges

Our loyalty scheme of quarterly Challenges is all about gaining points and getting rewards.

For each poker type, you’ll always have two Challenges active – a Minor and a Major. Minor Challenges are the easiest, e.g. ‘Be dealt a suited hand’, whereas Major Challenges usually require more strategy, e.g. ‘Win a hand postflop when you have any hand worse than one pair’.

Each Challenge is split into steps, and that’s how many times you have to complete the task to receive your Challenges Points. A Challenge showing 5/30 means you’ve completed the task 5 times, and you’ve got 25 more to go before your points are awarded.

Multi-table tournaments don’t have their own Challenges – instead, they award Challenges Points directly. For every €1 you spend in tournament fees, you’ll receive 100 points.

What can I do with Challenges Points?

Challenges Points track your progression, and you’ll receive prizes automatically when you reach a new stage in the rewards table (find this in the Challenges section of the Poker client). Rewards include free cash, play-through bonuses, poker tickets, Unibet Open packages, and bonus points.

Frequently Asked Qestions

How many points do I get when I complete a Poker Challenge?

Each Challenge awards different points depending on how difficult it is. Also, the higher stake you play, the more points you get. If you play a mixture of cash game stakes to complete a step, then...

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How long does it take to complete a Poker Challenge?

On average, it takes:

Cash GameSit & Go 5 SeatSit & Go 2 Seat
Minor Challenge 500 hands10 Sit & Gos25 Sit & Gos
Major Challenge 2,000 hands40 Sit & Gos100 Sit & Gos


Do my poker Challenges Points expire?

Challenges are reset every quarter, which means your Challenges Points (and therefore your progression through the rewards table) are also reset. Quarters start on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and...

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What happens to my current Poker Challenges at the end of a quarter?

If you have completed some steps but failed to complete a Challenge before the end of the quarter, we will credit your accumulated points for the next quarter.

Do I receive anything if I was close to reaching another stage in the poker rewards table?

Only if you earn more than 500,000 points in a given quarter. In that case, any excess points you earn in-between payout stages will be carried over to the following quarter.