Poker Tickets

A Cash Ticket is real cash that you can win in promotions and tournaments and use to play or try out specific Cash Games or levels for free. Your wins and losses are locked to the ticket and special play-through requirements allow you to unlock the cash value into your real money balance.

You can win tournament tickets in promotions or tournament. There are three different types of tickets.

  • Tournament Specific Tickets, used to buy-in to a specific tournament only.
  • Tournament Group Tickets are used for any tournament in the specified tournament group (for instance the Unibet Open satellites) where the ticket value matches the tournament buy-in.
  • Generic Tickets are open to be used for any tournament where the ticket value exactly matches the tournament buy-in.

You can check the current value, expiry date and progress of your tickets on the My Profile page in the poker software. In the tournament lobby you will see a ‘ticket’ indicator next to the tournaments you can play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a play-through requirement?

A play-through requirement is what you need to do to convert the value of your ticket into real money. With regard to tickets, the requirement is the number of flops seen.

Can I buy-in to poker tournaments with a combination of tickets and cash?

No. Tournament tickets can only be used when the ticket value is equal to the tournament buy-in amount.

Do poker tickets expire?


Each tournament ticket has a specific validity period, and this can vary for different ticket types. The expiration date is displayed in the ticket section of the My Profile page in the poker...

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How do I unlock the value of a poker cash ticket?

The value of your cash ticket will be released to your real money balance once you’ve completed the play-through requirement, such as seeing a specific amount of flops on the game and stake levels...

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Can I exchange my poker tournament tickets for cash or give them to someone else?

Tournament tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Cash game tickets will be converted to cash once the playthrough requirements have been met.

I qualified for a poker tournament that I can no longer play in. What do I do?

It depends on the type of tournament.
If the tournament is part of a group you will have won a group specific ticket. You will be able to unregister from one tournament and use the ticket in another...

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