Sporting Glossary


In tennis, an ace is a legal serve that isn’t touched by the racket of the opponent. The serving player wins the point.

Break (Snooker)

In snooker, a break is the total point score achieved by a player in a single visit to the table.

Clean Sheet

A football term describing a game or period in which a team or player has not conceded a goal.

Dead Heat

When two or more participants finish with the same results.

Fantasy Match

A fictive match between two teams that are not really playing against each other. The result will be decided by the amount of goals scored respectively by the two teams in the actual matches they are...

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Home Run

In baseball, a batter scores a home run by hitting the ball in such a way that they are able to make a complete circle of the bases and reach home in one play.

Injury Time

The referee may make an allowance for time lost through substitutions, injured players requiring attention or other stoppages. This added time is commonly referred to as stoppage time or injury time...

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A knockout in boxing is awarded when one participant is unable to rise from the canvas within a specified period of time after a knockdown. A technical knockout (also referred to as a TKO) is when the...

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Neutral Site / Ground

An arena, court, ring, rink or field where neither side has a home advantage.


A horse or participant that fails to compete in a race for which it has been entered.


When a game is tied at the end of normal time there will be overtime until one team wins or the maximum specified overtime periods have expired.


When a player causes the ball to go into their own team's goal. A goal is scored for the opposition.


The playoffs of a sports league are a series of games played after the regular season by the top competitors to determine the league champion.


The best-ranked teams in the lower division are promoted to the division above.


The worst-ranked teams in a higher division are relegated (or demoted) to a lower division.


A term for a participant or team that finishes in second place. Sometimes the second-place finisher is called the ‘first runner-up’, the third-place finisher is called ‘second runner-up’ and so on.


When two or more participants finish with the same results.


The primary method of scoring in American and Canadian football. To score a touchdown, one team must take the football into the opposite end zone.


A try is the primary method of scoring points in rugby. A try is scored by grounding the ball in the opposition's in-goal area (on or behind the goal line).


The team, side or contestant considered to be the least likely to win.