Superscore is an exciting pool-betting game where you have to predict the exact score in a series of matches. All the money goes into a common pool that is split between the winners.

The aim is to predict the exact score (the number of goals for each team) for every match on the coupon. If you manage to predict them all correctly, you’re a winner.

How much you win depends on how big the prize pool is and how much all the winning players have staked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Superscore?

The aim of Superscore is to predict the exact score (number of goals for each team) for every match on the coupon.

For each event, the number of goals for the home team should be checked off in the...

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How are the final odds and winnings calculated in Superscore?

The final odds on a combination will be the total money in the prize pool divided by the total stake placed on that combination.

If you predict the correct score for all matches you’ll win the final...

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What happens to the pool when there are no winners of a Superscore coupon?

If there isn’t a winner the prize money will be transferred to the bonus fund. The bonus fund will be used to add extra prize money into jackpot coupons.

There will be a message in the info box on the...

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What happens if a match on my Superscore coupon is void?

If a match is void the coupon will be settled as though you predicted the correct result. This is because when working out the odds your original row price will be multiplied by the number of...

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What tools can I use to help me play Superscore?

If you select ‘Filter’ from the Tools menu you can state that a home win, draw or away win should be excluded from a specific match. Tick the box to ‘Use Filter’ and then click on the relevant boxes (...

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