Supertoto is a pool betting game where you try to predict the outcome (win, draw or loss) of a series of matches. The money goes into a pool that is split between the winners.

How much you win depends on three things – the number of outcomes you predicted correctly, the size of the prize pool and how many other players predicted the same number of outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Supertoto?

There are 14 matches in Supertoto14 and you’ll get a payout for predicting 11, 12, 13 or 14 correct results.

If no one predicts 14 correct outcomes, the cash is carried over to the following week's...

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What are half and full hedges in Supertoto?

A half-hedge is when you want to back 2 possible outcomes of a match. There are 3 types of half-hedge:

  • Home win and draw (1X)
  • Home and away win (12)
  • Draw and away win (X2)

Since a half-hedge consists...

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How is the Supertoto pool distributed?

Supertoto14 pays out for 11, 12, 13 or 14 correctly predicted outcomes. The pot is split like this:

  • 14 correct – 30% 
  • 13 correct – 18% 
  • 12 correct – 17% 
  • 11 correct – 20% 
  • Bonus Pot #1 – 10% 
  • Bonus...

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What happens if a match on my Supertoto coupon is postponed or cancelled?

If a match is cancelled or postponed beyond the end of the weekend (until Sunday 24:00 CET) it will be considered void on the coupon.

If at least 33.34% of the events on a coupon are void, the coupon...

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How do reduced systems work in Supertoto?

A reduced system is a multiple coupon system that allows you to reduce your risk by hedging.

You can either create your own reduced systems or you can use our free Copema software to create reduced...

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