How to build a solid foundation in Online Blackjack

February 16, 2018

You can easily and rather significantly increase your payout rate when you play Online Blackjack and applying the right strategies to win.

Of course because there are various types and forms of online blackjack available in our casino store, it is not always evident which the best strategies are. Instead of trying to learn each and every variant of online blackjack, it would be best recommended that you start building up a foundation first that can be applied to the game. Then you can move on to adjust from that strategy to the specific rules accordingly to maximise your payout rate.

Tactics in Online Blackjack

Your main aim in the game is not just to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, but your goal is to win and depending on the situation, to get the best chance to win. When you hit with hard totals of 12 or higher, you are at risk of going bust but even if both you and the dealer go bust, you still lose the hand.  Depending on the dealer’s card, you might want to stand or to give him the chance to go bust instead.

Understanding when to hit and when to stand depends on the strength of the dealer’s hand. When a dealer has a card between 2 and 6, he is more likely to go bust than if he has a seven or higher.

You need to pay close attention to which card the dealer has instead of just focusing on your own hand.

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