Increase your gameplay with Blackjack Bet Behind

Blackjack: It’s a classic card game and one of the first options for anyone heading to the casino. In recent years, the experience has clearly been enhanced by the introduction of live dealers where players can interact in real time and enjoy an experience that mirrors those at the real life tables in Las Vegas or in any other casino around the world.

Live dealers are now in operation at Unibet to provide the excitement that you would expect from a physical bricks and mortar casino. While the original, virtual options of blackjack are still available, the live counterpart is exceptionally popular but at times, that popularity can lead to a small downside.

It’s a thrilling game but at times, there can be one small frustration. What happens if you want a game of Live Blackjack at our live casino but no seats are available? In the past, you would simply have to wait until the situation changed but with the introduction of Blackjack Bet Behind, you now have an innovative way in which to get involved while waiting for those main seats to free up.


How Does Blackjack Bet Behind Work?

Instead of sitting in the hot seat and taking on the dealer, Blackjack Bet Behind allows you to follow a player and bet on their hand. This is a perfect way to while away the minutes or more until a seat frees up but for some of Unibet’s account holders, it’s becoming part of their own blackjack strategy.

You don’t have to follow the same betting pattern as the player concerned: Simply choose your own stakes and stay involved with the live casino atmosphere while waiting to take your own place in the main seat. When they step down or another seat becomes available, you can stop shadowing and take control of your own destiny. Alternatively, a twist to Blackjack Bet Behind means that you can still take a main seat while continuing to stake behind an existing player.

How do I get Started with Blackjack Bet Behind?

You will need to be a Unibet customer in order to play so register or log in to your existing account to get started. It’s a quick and simple process and should take up no more than a few minutes of your time. Once verified and confirmed, simply add some funds to cover your opening gameplay and you can now head to the tables.

Click on the Live Casino tab and you will be taken into the lobby. Join a blackjack table and, if there are no free sets available, a pop-up message will appear stating ‘All seats are occupied, but you can place a bet behind any player.’

Take up the option if you want to and now the action can begin. Of course, you can withdraw at any time and your decision may be based on how the player is performing. To help you make a decision in this respect, we will show an indicator listing how many games that player has won. We will list how this works shortly but essentially, it employs a series of medals and, where applicable, some attached ribbons. Study the awards and you can therefore judge whether or not that player is on a hot streak.

Follow the Game

Now you are officially behind the player, it’s time to start betting and there are some important points to note. Firstly, it should be remembered that you have to follow their pattern so, if that player takes a hit and receives a third card, fourth card etc, you have to bet with them. Even if you feel that the better strategy would have been to stand, you cannot implement this decision as you are simply following the pattern of the original game.

In addition, you should note that the default setting of Blackjack Bet Behind will see you doubling the original player’s bets. If this doesn’t suit, you can easily go into Settings and adjust this level accordingly. As we will see, there is a good range of stakes and it’s easy to click on the button and find a bet that suits your requirements.

Benefits of Playing Blackjack Bet Behind

The first benefit of playing Blackjack Bet Behind is an obvious one. While we have lots of seats open at the tables, there will be times when all of those main seats are taken. Waiting is a frustrating pastime in any walk of life and you can either choose to log off and come back in a few minutes or, you can just continually press that F5 refresh button until such time as a seat becomes available. Neither option is desirable and we appreciate that you may look at alternatives.

With Blackjack Bet Behind, you are always in the game and while you do have to follow the main player’s pattern, you can be shrewd and choose the most successful players or, if they are on a particularly bad streak, simply walk away.

It is also possible to play Blackjack Bet Behind while you are occupying a main seat. When the room becomes full, the option to sit behind a main player becomes available and, if you can concentrate fully on two games at once, you can join the many Unibet account holders who like to have this option.

As an additional point to note, while the default setting on Blackjack Bet Behind doubles the existing player’s stake, you can adjust this and play with lower sums than those made available in the main rooms. As such, Bet Behind can be a good option if you’re just starting with us and want to play with smaller stakes while you get accustomed to our live casino.

It’s a new addition to our live casino and one that’s proving popular with many of our players. There is that element of chance as there is with any card game, but with the clear exception of poker, blackjack requires more skill than others. With that in mind, we don’t suggest you should get involved with Blackjack Bet Behind unless you are equipped to succeed.

Blackjack Bet Behind Strategy

Like any area of online casino play, you should employ a strategy if you are going to get involved with Blackjack Bet Behind. While the nature of this innovative game means that your decisions are reliant on the main player to an extent, you should still consider some approaches that may enhance your chances of winning.

Firstly, we recommend that you brush up on gameplay by reading our complete guide on how to play Blackjack. If you’re happy that you’ve reached an expert level and are playing on a regular basis then feel free to skip but if you are new or, you haven’t taken to the tables for a while, we suggest you take some time to read up on the rules.

From that point, if you need some more time, you can also take some demo hands of the game. Just click on demo play to enjoy blackjack for free and this approach can also help to shake off any ‘rust’ and to fill in any gaps in your gameplay knowledge.

Now that you’re comfortable it’s time to take that back seat and bet behind the main player. Take a moment to study the stats and to establish how they’ve been playing at the tables. Remember, your own success is entirely dependent on theirs so it’s essential to consider how well, or otherwise, they’ve been playing.

His or her achievements will be shown by a series of medals and ribbons. The more medals and ribbons that they possess, the better their approach is likely to be in terms of future hands. Of course, card games involve a high element of chance but blackjack also requires skill in terms of elements such as doubling down and making those crucial decisions whether to hit or stand.

Your betting pattern may be dictated to by the main player but you can withdraw if they endure a poor run. And, if they quit and walk away then a main seat is free and you can take their place.

Your Call

By adding this element to our blackjack room, we’ve given dedicated players an opportunity to stay in the game while they wait for a free seat. It’s proving to be a popular addition to the choice of games at Unibet and some players are particularly happy to find a full room where the Blackjack Bet Behind option then becomes available. There is also the potential for lower stakes, meaning that new players have the option to play in the background with smaller bets before upgrading and taking a main seat.

You are welcome to get involved or, you can simply wait until one of those free seats becomes clear. The choice is yours but we think you’ll agree that this is an innovative introduction and a great addition to the live casino package at Unibet. We hope you found this live casino guide enjoyable.