How to Plan for Plo and Win

The easiest way to improve at Pot Limit Omaha is to start from the very top with a plan in hand. When you are still getting accustomed to an online poker game, it would be best recommended that you simplify it as much as possible. This is especially promising when you play only good hands before the flop. And after you play these good hands before or after the flop, decisions will be much easier to make than with weaker hands.

Take advantage of simple decisions

When you get to the turn, you have a pretty good idea of how your hands will turn out. If you’re drawing and you’ve hit, get all-in. If you have missed, just play along whilst figuring out if you’re being given the right price to get one more card to hit your draw.

If on the other hand, you weren’t drawing, this is the time to decide whether or not the turn card will help your opponent. There are many scenarios that could come your way on the turn but it’s suggested that on the turn you can reap the benefits from a solid pre-flop and flop play.

River Value

By the time, you get to the river, you know what your hand is and you would be all-in by this point. If you’re not, you still need to assess the strength of your opponent’s hand. Make use of your observation skills from previous hands to decide on what to next whilst resonating what your opponent’s hand might be like.

Position is paramount

When you’re in position and your opponent checks, you have to come to a decision on whether to bluff or to check it down. If you’re out of position, then your options are limited and you have to face your opponent who has the aforementioned options.

Always keep in mind to plan your entire hand well in advance, in the beginning. You need to make the nuts and to have back-up plans. Most importantly, use your observation skills.

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